it's the calm before the political storm that due to hit us all tomorrow. with so much attention focused on this election, it's hard to imagine anyone not voting on tuesday. it's like being a member of this very exclusive club (american citizen club) and one of the privileges is to vote for the leader of the free world every 4 years. all the news channels have their election countdown clock all set up, ticking off the seconds before the first voting booth closes. it's hard to imagine that in less than 24 hours we will finally find out who's going to be the next president. it'd be nice to finally put an end to all this campaigning and the back and forth verbal sparring between the two camps. i've voted in 2 other presidential elections and both times my guys lost. i'm hoping the third time's the charm and that i can finally have a president that i'm rooting for instead of rooting against. later during the day when i heard obama's grandmother had passed away, i couldn't help to think how tragic that was for her not to survive just a day longer to see her grandson possibly become the next president of the united states.

i'd promised myself i'd start my running regimen again today but i wimped out. too cold i thought to myself as i retreated to the warmth of my spaceheated bedroom. but when i left the house in the late afternoon to go over to my parents' place, i was surprised how warm it was (50's).

i had homemade chinese dumplings before returning to cambridge. my roommate came back home in the evening with his k friend in tow, who stayed for a few hours before leaving. earlier they'd taken a road trip to ikea to buy a new bed for his friend.

def leppard - "let's get rocked"
(but replace "rocked" with "baracked" for maximum effect)