i took my roommate to the mount auburn cemetery today. since i'd be going to my parents right afterwards and he had some errands to run later, he left first via bicycle while i followed along minutes later on my motorcycle. i figured it'd be interesting for him to see what an american cemetery looks like. he'd also been starting a fall foliage collection and the mt.auburn cemetery is the premiere place to go to find trees of color. we went up on the tower and he got an awesome view of cambridge-boston and the surrounding area. "what a great landscape," he said a few times, thoroughly impressed. along the way he'd pick up leaves and tuck them inside a magazine he was carrying. we even managed to see a chipmunk scurrying through some bushes, an animal he'd never seen before, and managed to videotape for posterity with his little camcorder.

after dinner at my parents i came back home to watch the season 2 finale of mad men. although not as climatic as season 1, there were still great moments. don draper finally returns to manhattan, not having to explain his 3 weeks absence, and when an angry pete storms into his office asking what happened, don makes pete believe that his disappearance was the ultimate vote of confidence for pete to showcase his account executive skills. don also returns to betty, but not before she finds out she's pregnant and then goes out and have a one-night-stand with a stranger at a bar. for a brief moment i thought don draper would lose his alpha dog status when the british merging interest made duck president of the company, but don just simply walked out and duck made a spectacle of himself. finally pete tells peggy he loves her, and then she tells him about their love child. maybe in season 3 pete might suddenly have a change of heart in adopting a 2 year old little boy.

rest of the evening i worked on client B's project.