all work, all day. spent so much time in my bedroom that i actually warmed up the place with just body heat and computer exhaust. this morning i actually caught an episode of ask aida on the food network, which is on saturdays at 12:30 with no repeats, so i always miss it. it's your typical pretty woman cooking show (think nigella, think giada). it's actually a fairly informative show with some good tips, but for some reason the food network has decided to schedule it to the most inopportune time slot. maybe they're prejudiced against young attractive people! make more room for the barefoot contessa and paula deen.

i tried to help my roommate with his failed laptop. a simple reinstall of windows xp would've been easy, but he's got his computer set up to dual boot with red hat linux, and after some online research, i discovered that reinstalling windows would wipe the master boot record, making the computer forget it ever had a linux partition. i would've had to reinstall the GRUB control in order to get it to work again, something i wasn't comfortable doing, especially since he had very sensitive work applications and data files on his linux partition. he said he'd take my bootleg copy of XP and get the tech guy at his office to install it for him. they wouldn't do it when he asked last week because they're legally not allowed to install XP without a valid license.

i left the house just once to go across the street and get some snacks from the supermarket (i was craving something salty, snatched up some crackers and microwaveable popcorn). i've been around long enough to see a new generation of young cashiers working the registers. the girl who rang me up had black nail polish. "stop, i want to talk to you!" she blurted out, which caught my attention. turns out she was talking to a nearby friend who just happened to be walking by.

occasionally i took a break to log some doom hours. it's actually a very pretty game, but most of the time i'm too scared of fast approaching demons and zombies to spend time admiring the graphics.

jon hamm was the guest host on saturday night live. he made a mistake in his opening monologue trying to drum up viewership to mad men when he said the season finale was next week when in fact it's tomorrow night. don draper wouldn't have made that mistake! they did several mad men sketches, one of which included cameos from peggy olson and roger sterling. the sketch itself was awful and devoid of humor (typical SNL recurring character offering), but it was cool just to see some of the mad men cast. the one funny sketch was jon hamm's john ham, deli sliced pork product for the bathroom. musical guest cold play did 3 songs, ending the last one with shouts of "barack obama!" which is ironic, because word on the street is obama will be making a special appearance next saturday.