went to deposit some cash this afternoon, a loan from my mother. i have the terrible habit of not invoicing my clients until the end of the project. great for them but sucks for me because this occasionally leaves me in the precarious position of temporarily having zero money in my bank account. i needed a cash bailout so i could pay my bills at the end of the month. coming back home, i visited my garden.

i haven't seen the place in more than 2 weeks, so i was surprised to find a few things still growing. the pepper plants were still active, although the peppers were smaller than the ones during the summer. most of my cucumber plants had died except for one. the tomatillo still looked healthy but not sure if all those fruits will grow big enough to harvest. the morning glories were all gone, which was interesting because they grew like weeds during the summer. the cosmos were doing the best, no sign of frost damage, and they seemed hardy enough to possibly survive the winter although i'm pretty sure they're just annuals.

before i left i picked the remainder of the green tomatoes, a single cucumber, some of the larger tomatillos, and some red hot thai chili peppers. i also went around the community garden taking some photos of what else had survived.

one of those days where i worked on 3 projects at the same time. a conference call with client N, an e-mail reminder from client P regarding friday's deadline, and continued to work on the stuff for client B, also due friday.

in the evening i made some macaroni and cheese for dinner. my recipe asked for bits of bacon but i didn't add them just in case my roommate wanted to try it. when he came back home he opted out of macaroni and cheese to eat his own frozen raviolis which he simply called "dumplings."