woke up before noon to see the honkfest parade happening in camberville. my roommate wanted to come along but never woke up so i left without him. i went to the intersection of elm and beech, right where the procession leaving davis square turns and heads down mass ave. there were already some like-minded people waiting there when i showed up. when the parade finally started and was just 2 blocks away did the police stop the traffic.

i wasn't as impressed this year as i was last year. maybe the novelty of the honkfest parade had worn off. i was hoping to see more political stuff especially in an election year, but other than the endangered species in lipstick (making fun of sarah palin), it was pretty subdued. once the procession left elm street, i got back on the motorcycle and headed home (my roommate was gone), catching it again on mass ave in cambridge heading into harvard square. unlike last year, i decided not to follow the parade into octoberfest.

walking back, i picked up a wooden table a neighbor had decided to throw away, perfect for some kitchen plants. my roommate came home while i was in the backyard oiling more of the deck. i stopped working briefly when i managed to get a splinter in the palm of my hand (had to dig it out with a swiss army knife when the splinter broke in half when i tried pulling it out). soon after my roommate went out again, i rode to belmont for dinner.

no one seems to have time for hailey so once a week when i go back to my parents' place for dinner she gets all excited because finally there's somebody there to play with her. we go out into the backyard where i throw the ball, she fetches it, and doesn't bring it back. and like all dogs, she enjoys the occasional squirrel chase, and there's plenty of them in the backyard from all the holes they've dug in the lawn recently. hailey is also very alert, watching planes as they fly overhead or look for birds hiding in the trees. back inside, she enjoys looking out the front door. she doesn't bark unless she sees someone she knows. next thursday she's going to the vet to get fixed. it seems sort of inhumane if you ask me, even though it's for a humane person. she has to stay at the animal hospital for a day before she can come home. my mother and i weighed her today, she's 50 lbs now. we hope she'll stop growing (she's 6 months old now?).

mad men! women seem to throw themselves at don draper, and sometimes men too, although just suggestively. don and pete are in los angeles for a military industrial complex convention and don attracts the attention of a group of jet setters. "are you an actor?" one of them asks. "are you an astronaut?" the group ironically rejects the blue-blooded pete when introduced, like they instinctively knew he wasn't like them solely because he actually has to work for a living. at first don resists temptation but the attention of a young hottie gets the better of him and he ditches his responsibility to go hang out with her and her friends in palm springs. he faints by the poolside, which could be a psychosomatic symptom of his guilt, but being that he's lusty don draper, soon he's bedding the willing and able rich girl. omg, did i just see boobies in the pool? back at the office, things are just as interesting. kurt, the foreign half of the dynamic young advertising duo, reveals very matter-of-factly that, "i'm homosexual" when everyone in the office is giggling over his date with peggy to attend a dylan's concert. "i make love to the men - not the women." ken is completely taken aback while salvatore is speechless but for completely different reasons. duck phillips applies some business savvy and may become the future boss of sterling cooper. is it just me, or did you also think duck was going to kill himself? divorced, estranged from his children, "loses" his dog, not getting promoted, hitting the sauce again. oh, and the best part of tonight's episode? peggy gets a gay makeover! and she looks fa-bu-lous! and who is don secretly meeting out in california? somebody who knows he's really dick whitman? next sunday can't come soon enough!