the rose fitzgerald kennedy greenway. quite a mouthful and when i first heard about it, i didn't know what it was. a celebration of the what? so the greenway is the space formerly occupied by the elevated highway of interstate 93, before the big dig construction buried all that road underground. what was left was an urban renewal opportunity consisting of a mile long stretch of island parks starting from chinatown and ending near the bunker hill bridge.

i went and met julie there, stopping off at chinatown to buy a small pastry for lunch. for the most part there wasn't a lot of photo opportunities, despite all the people there. most of my photos were taken away from the greenway. this used to be our old neighborhood when we both worked at screen house and we went and checked out our old office, which we barely recognized from the extensive renovation both inside and outside. i haven't worked in too many offices, but that one was the best, situated on the outskirts of the financial district, but within walking distances of the north end, faneuil hall, downtown crossing, and chinatown. we also visited haymarket, and i would've bought some cheap produce if i didn't think it'd be a hassle to carry them around the rest of the day. julie sort of snubbed her nose at the place, preferring the sophistication of her farmer's market, with their locally grown produce. although i support the idea of farmer's markets, in my experience they're usually more expensive and can't come close to the rock bottom produce prices at haymarket.

back at our starting point (a farmer's market, coincidentally), we listened to a free concert on one of the greens while julie waited for her friend karen to arrive. they were handling out free eat this, not that, a book i paid $20 for a while back. i ended up taking two, as a way to recoup my initial cost. as soon as her friend karen showed up, i left and went back to cambridge.

my roommate was MIA last night and i thought maybe he went to NYC again with his friend. but he was back at home when i returned, and i found out later he was nursing a hangover from a night of heavy drinking. in the evening he made some beef noodle soup which he shared with me (basically just a broth of beef cubes, potato, and onion along with some noodles).

saturday night live was funny for a change, with a few chuckleworthy sketches. anne hathaway did a great job hosting, really played into her parts, and never seemed like she was reading from cue cards (i'm talking to you robert deniro!).