it's nice to work on a project where everything goes according to plan. such was the case with client P. i presented the interactive today and we discussed what else needed to be fixed. since we're way ahead of schedule, i have a month and a half (more than enough time) to basically tweak the code to perfection (something i could do in just a few hours). after the meeting i went to the cafe, where i saw that my father had already set up his indoor greenhouse, a sure sign that summer is over. plants seem to do much better over there; when i have sick plants, i send them to the cafe for some healing.

my roommate came home in the late afternoon, freshened up, and then went right back out. i think he told me he was having dinner with his MIT friend and some other fellow k's . they might also go back to NYC this weekend. i told him if he wasn't doing anything that i could him out saturday and give him a tour of boston. i'm kind of wishing he won't be here so i can just do my own thing.

in the evening i went over to dan's place to watch game 2 of the ALDS between the red sox and angels on his big screen HDTV. the weather was cold (in the 50's) and i squeezed the handlebars to keep myself from shivering and punched my thighs during stops to get the blood flowing. i stopped off at the nearby wendy's to get the spicy chicken sandwich to go. dan was home with daughter clarissa, who wouldn't come out of her room because she was afraid of "the pony." cymara, working a double shift, didn't get home until close to 11pm.

the red sox pulled ahead quickly, with a 4-0 lead behind jason bay's 3 run homer. but the angels were resilient, earning a run per inning, until in the 8th inning they tied the game. but what has now become a red sox post-season tradition, the sox once again pulled ahead in the 9th with a 2 run homer courtesy of j.d. drew. the game was always close, with matsuzaka ratcheting up the tension with his intermittent dominating/shaky pitching. in the end boston prevailed. now up 2-0, the red sox go back to fenway for 2 games. i almost feel sorry for the angels.

close to 2am, i rode back to cambridge. it wasn't as cold, but only because i spent 5 hours in dan's exceptionally warm home. i stopped at an ATM to get some money before getting back. my roommate wasn't home, maybe he spent the night at his friend's place after an evening of binge drinking. or maybe they went to new york. i'm hoping it's the latter.