my roommate was still home when i woke up around noontime, having told me last night he would be going down to new york this weekend to visit his friend. but his friend was already here (to drive him down), and they left minutes later after i was introduced.

there was a male guppy today floating upside down in the tank. i thought it was dead but when the other guppies would occasionally poke at him, he'd struggle a little bit. i fished him out and put him into the spare tank, hoping he might get better or at least die with some privacy. hours later when i went back i saw he was back to normal. i fed him some crushed brine shrimp before returning him to general population. i'm glad i didn't hastily give up on him.

my father dropped by with a food delivery and i spent some time in the afternoon fixing my internet connection. my roommate wasn't able to get online last night (both wireless and wired) and i decided the problem was with my SMC wireless router. although the ethernet port going into my bedroom seemed fine, the three remaining ports were sketchy at best. i replaced it with the belkin router i got from matthew a while back, which seemed to have fixed the problem, and it might just be my imagination, but the connection seems faster now too.

i didn't work at all this saturday. i figured after going so many days working non-stop and getting very little sleep, i earned at least a single day where i didn't work. mark asked me a few days ago if i had any weekend plans. i thought that was a strange question, because i figured he'd naturally assume (wrongly, of course) i'd be working on his project. maybe he was making small talk and forgot what roles we played in this tragedy. and then in an e-mail he said he could be reached anytime over the weekend if i had any programming questions. the only question i have is how soon i can be done with this project so i can finally be rid of this client?

i left the house briefly to visit the nearby target to pick up some coat hangers for my roommate. i just got some cheap plastic ones, but i was wondering which is better: wire, plastic, or wooden? i know wire hangers sort of dig into the clothes and leave unsightly shoulder creases if you leave your clothes hanging on them for too long. plastic ones seem better, but are they inferior to wooden? maybe wooden ones are just more upscale, but functionality-wise, i think they about the same as plastic ones.

coming back, there was some sort of festival happening at union square that i stopped by briefly to check out. nothing that interesting, i ended up walking to nearby ricky's flower market to take some photos of all the newly arrived pumpkins.

around 7 i fell asleep. started in the living room, but i crept under the covers in my bedroom when i began to get cold. i woke up sometime after 11 to have some dinner and watch saturday night live.