i received a mysterious package from indiana this afternoon. it was even more mysterious since i don't know anybody in indiana. turns out it was a present from alex, mailed by his girlfriend who's currently visiting friends in the midwest. inside the taped-up shoebox was a medium-sized domokun doll, along with a domokun-themed wash cloth. i guess a long time ago i asked alex if he could find any domokun-related merchandise in japan, since domokun was the mascot for NHK tokyo broadcasting. now, years later, he's finally found something. the weird coincidence is that a few days ago while visiting the local target i bought myself a small domokun doll that was on sale. it's almost like it's domokun week or something.

i wanted to clean and move my aquariums today but didn't do that. i worked on my code a little bit but not as much as i liked so i'm going to have a busy day tomorrow since i'm returning the testing machine monday morning. my mother dropped by with some dinner again (she thinks i'm so busy i don't i have time to cook), before picking up my aunt (who will turn 60 tomorrow) and going to the supermarket. from the garden i picked two more red tomatoes, but gave them all away to my mother.

in the early evening i went to union square for a motor scooter rally event. i'd imagined a parking lot full of scooters but there was probably only half a dozen when i arrived. a stage had been set up and a band was playing. i stayed for about an hour before leaving. i figured i could come back later but i never did. scooters and motorcycles just don't mix. i will often give other fellow motorcyclists a courtesy wave, but i never wave to anybody on a scooter. likewise, no scooterists has ever waved to me when i pass them on the motorcycle. i don't know why, but it's just understood. i can't speak to scooter owners, but i suppose motorcyclists look down on scooters. they're sort of low-performing motorcycle wannabes. and i guess the feeling might be mutual, scooterists see motorcycles as loud and obnoxious and dangerous.

playing resident evil 4 the second time around is a slightly different experience. the surprise factor is definitely diminished, and armed with better weaponry, enemies are more easily dispatched. i finally found the president's daughter, who now in this v2 of the game is no longer wearing her conservative sweater and skirt but rather a midriff-baring laced-back halter top straight out of britney spear's wardrobe. she's 18+, right?

did anyone catch the season premiere of saturday night live? the much awaited tina fey as sarah palin kicked off the show, but the sketch wasn't very funny, with the except of fey-palin mugging for the camera. i was surprised amy poehler is still in the cast, i thought she left SNL to pursue her movie career (right or wrong? discuss). i didn't realize she was super pregnant until the end. much of the show wasn't very funny (SNL hasn't been consistently funny in a long time), but the "pepper up in here" waiter sketch was good as well as fred armisen's indecisive topical comedian. there was no obama-mccain sketch but they're probably withholding until next saturday (but the race has been such a joke anyway, why mess with a perfect thing?). michael phelps is better off sticking to his day job. does anybody else find lil wayne really scary? other than kat von d, anyone with face tattoos makes me fearful. especially ink that looks like they were done in prison.