although late in the season, my tomatillo plants have finally started to bear fruit. those empty husks i felt last week have now filled up inside with tomatillo fruits the size of cherries. maybe finally this year i can have some tomatillo salsa with homegrown tomatillos.

one of my cypress vine buds finally flowered, but only barely. the cloudy and cool weather didn't help, i'll check back again tomorrow. a squirrel must've been on my chicken wire trellis because it was partially torn off from the fence. i'll have to add a few more staples.

no butterflies spotted but there were still many (busy) bees.

besides a garden visit, i worked the rest of the day until it got dark. i was waiting for the client to e-mail me with another project deadline reminder or just to check up on my progress, but it never happened. i had some tea eggs for lunch and a bag of jelly beans. in the evening, i played another hour of resident evil 4, restarting the whole game but with better equipped weapons. for dinner, some ramen.

i caught up on some of my stories. watched the first episode of HBO's true blood, about a world where vampires coexist with humans. it's one of my favorite new shows now. you think you've seen every single possible vampire angle but this series manages to put a new spin on it. for one thing, these vampire fangs don't come from the canines but rather the incisors (think snake instead of wolf). instead of feeding on humans, they feed on synthetic blood. these vampires are also an allegory for any minority group, how they've come out of the closet, but society still sees them as something very unique, different, and possibly dangerous.

on dave's recommendation, i also watched the first episode of privileged. the series has a lot of potential, and as always on any WB network shows, a very pretty cast, boys and girls. but if the WB can cancel an awesome show like aliens in america, a show has to have gossip girls buzz in order to survive to next season.