i woke up late this saturday. if there was one day this weekend that i didn't have to wake up on time for, it'd be this day. late last night i heard it rain. that meant i wouldn't have to go water the garden today. i made an omelette for lunch.

it rained intermittently all day, the more intense stuff coming later at night. it was so humid i actually turned on the air conditioner for a little while. with summer drawing to a close, i figured i'd crank the AC one last time this season. i didn't use it all that much this year, maybe around half a dozen days at most.

the rain gave me the perfect opportunity to check out my waterproofing handiwork on the backyard deck. there's something very comforting to see water beading on the wooden surface. it gave me even more incentive to finish the rest of the deck.

i tried to work during the day but i felt like i deserved some free time for a change after slaving away all this past week. most of the work i was scheduled to do today will probably be done all tonight. not much, splice in some audio and captioning for one of the interactives. likewise the same sort of work for the second interactive, which i'm saving for tomorrow.

after a shower (this was before i turned on the AC, when the stickiness of the humidity finally drove me to wash up), i had this hankering for clam dip so i went across the street to the supermarket to forage for snacks. they didn't have and clam dip but i grabbed some chips anyway, to replenish my supply. i also got some grapes that were on sale.

for dinner, some edamame beans. later in the evening i went outside and moved the motorcycle. it was parked perpendicular to the curb, so all the rainwashed debris was collecting behind the wheels. i moved it so faced parallel.