before i could start my work day i had some errands to run. first, to the paint store to buy another can of that australian timber oil. if when i whisper "australian timber oil" you don't immediately perk up, then you obviously don't know the miraculous properties of said timber oil. the store was crowded with mothers shopping for painting supplies. something about the kids going off to school leaves the housewives with time on their hands for some home renovation projects apparently. after the paint store it was off to the garden, to water the plants.

after the garden it was off to the supermarket to pick up some groceries. my mother asked me to buy some celery but i ended up buying some lettuce instead (something was lost in the translation). at the cafe i picked up some lunch and came home to quickly eat before a 3pm conference call. for dessert i had some leftover homemade chocolate chip cookies from last night.

today i started the slow process of cleaning out the guest bedroom, in preparation for my new roommate who will arrive in less than 2 weeks. i finally took down the shop lights still hanging inside my closet in order to make room for the boxes that'd been piling up in the guest bedroom. in the next few days i'll need to relocate the two guppy tanks back out into the kitchen/dining area.

the conference call went well, but i promised them a delivery for tomorrow morning so i managed to paint myself into a corner again, meaning it's going to be another long night after working this whole past long weekend. so instead of getting to work, i went outside and oiled the deck for about an hour. i managed to get 10 boards done.

my mother dropped by briefly in the late afternoon after taking my aunt to the laundromat. at 11pm i managed to take a dinner break, eating some frozen leftover beef broth i had in the freezer (a year? at least) mixed with some noodles. i went back to work immediately afterwards.

i had the RNC turned on in the background. i watched as bush delivered a speech via satellite. the organizers timed it so that he gave it right before the primetime network coverage at 10pm. as soon as the magic hour rolled around, bush signed off, to be replaced by a ronald reagan tribute followed by a fred thompson speech where for the millionth time we're reminded that john mccain was a prisoner of war (sure he was tortured, but how vietnamese civilians did he kill on his bombing raids?). that was followed by former democratic vice presidential candidate joe lieberman's speech. burn any bridges lately, joe? tomorrow's a big night, governor palin is due to make her speech.