august will be my least busiest month. at least in august i will only be working with 2 clients, but mostly focused on one. september is going to be crazy though. in september i will have three different projects happening at the same time. if i don't manage my time properly, things will get tense. to suddenly have all this work after a period of inactivity seems weird, but in a good way. i'm still transitioning into work mode, but i'm starting to get better day after day.

had a little accident this morning. no, not that kind of accident. while feeding my fish, i dropped the container of fish flakes all over the floor. i managed to salvage most of it but lost a third in the vacuum cleaner. which goes to show you: never do anything in the morning when you first wake up, because dexterity is down to zero. i don't know how men can shave in the morning with a razor and not cut themselves up from time to time.

tomorrow afternoon is my rescheduled orthopedic specialist appointment. i've been gnashing my teeth, waiting to hear some good news. at this point i'm beyond caring. come tomorrow, after i see the doctor, i know i won't be wearing the cast any longer, regardless of what they say. 2 months in a cast is a long time. 2 months in a cast during the summer is forever. i'm filled with giddy excitement over the prospect of riding my motorcycle again.

i had this horrible microwaveable instant chow mein for lunch. didn't taste like chow mein at all, the sauce was sweet and bitter, had to chase away the foul aftertaste with a bag of hot fries. for dinner, i made some more stirfry shrimps.

watched a band's visit (2007) last night, about an egyptian orchestral band getting lost in an israeli town on their way to a concert. it's a quirky little foreign film, full of awkward moments, just like in real life when strangers from different cultures meet.