manny said, "the red sox don't deserve a player like me." so true. the red sox deserve somebody better, somebody who won't hold the team hostage with his diva antics. now that he's gone, hopefully everyone can be on the same page again. how a player who's making $20 million a year can still behave like a child throwing a tantrum boggles the mind. for $20 million he should be carrying everybody's bags and shining shoes, that's how much effort he should be giving to the team. as much as i'll miss his offense, i'm glad to see him go because he's too much of a distraction. i'm sick of manny not running the bases, i'm sick of holding my breath every time the ball flies into left field. i don't have to look at his excuse for a haircut, and i'll never have to decipher another interview with his broken english. and francona and the rest of the team won't have to make up anymore excuses to cover manny's ass when he does something wrong.

i'm a little sad but not as sad as when they traded nomar. still to this day i'm not over that yet. yeah, there were signs of diminishing returns, but the nomar trade came as a complete surprise. manny was asking for it though. who mouths off to his boss and expects to keep his job? and the red sox were in a hurry to get rid of him, covering the rest of his $20 million salary and dealing two other players in the trade. now the pressure will be on david ortiz to step up and be the new manny. hopefully jd drew can continue with his hot streak. and who's this new guy we got? jason bay? don't know who he is but the optimist in me hopes he's a diamond in the rough. he's got a tough job though, trying to match manny's offense. as for manny, i hope he suffers a season ending injury, if not career ending. even though he was traded, he sort of forced management to take action, and when all the cards are shown, looks like manny cares more about himself than he does the team and his teammates. selfish bastard like that deserves some comeuppance. so when and where is the number 24 jersey burning party?

by the way: regardless what happens, everyone already knows the angels will win the world series this year. i said it!

so my orthopedic specialist appointment scheduled for today? it never happened. the doctor actually called me up and said he noticed i didn't wait a full 3 weeks before seeing him again (busted!). so he rescheduled the appointment to next tuesday. is 5 more days really going to make that much of a difference? 5 more days means 5 more days where i'm not riding the motorcycle. 5 more days of being confined in this heavy leg cast! the saddest part is last night i was trying on my riding boots, making sure they still fit. all for naught! as for my weekend plans? totally ruined! (fortunately it looks like rain, so it was a wash out anyway.) at this point my spirit is already so broken, what's another week in the cast?

i weighed myself on the bathroom scale a few days ago, on a whim. i haven't done so in many weeks because i just assumed i'd put on some weight since i haven't been exercising ever since my accident. so what a surprise when i discovered i actually lost weight. how can that be? maybe it means i'm eating better. or perhaps all this summer heat has increased my metabolism somehow. whatever it is, i'm not complaining.

for dinner: made some stir-fried salt & pepper shrimps. the recipe called for raw shrimps but i just had some pre-cooked frozen ones. added to that some leftover lime chili corn from last night. for dessert, some more grass jelly soup along with slices of white peach.