went to the garden in the morning to do some watering. that rotten green tomato i pulled off the plant a few days ago? well, i left it sitting in the garden and was surprised to find it had turned red. i saw some thai hot chili peppers; never noticed them before because the parent plants are so small, i didn't think i'd see any peppers until later in the summer. i'm prouder of these compared to my salsa peppers because i grew these thai chili plants from seeds, started them indoors when there was probably still snow on the ground. other good news: finally spotted a small flower bud on one of the cypress vines. red star flowers coming soon! now that i have some more open space in my garden (due to some overzealous weeding from my neighbors a few days ago), i decided to relocated my rosemary, which was hidden beneath the tomatillo and tomato canopy. hopefully with its new sunnier location it can grow into a small shrub like my rosemary from last year.

my father called just as soon as i was leaving the garden. he was going to chinatown and asked if i wanted to come along. i waited for him in the garden, taking more photos of some of my neighbors' flowers. seeing some monarch butterflies, i wondered if it'd be a good idea to grow some milkweeds beneath the mulberry tree, now that it'd been cleared out.

hours after i got back from chinatown, my mother called saying she'd be in the area, taking my aunt to the laundromat. i asked if she could drive me to market basket, where i had some more groceries to get. it was 5:30, which is a bad time to go because it's right after work and everyone's doing their pre-dinner shopping, but surprisingly the supermarket wasn't very crowded. by the time i got back, i had some much grocery from both chinatown and the local supermarket that i could hardly fit everything into the refrigerator. i'm probably overcompensating for what happened last week, when i had hardly anything to eat in the house. now i have so much food i'm getting dangerously close to having it all go bad before i can finish it all.

despite having all this food, i realized by evening that most of them were ingredients for bigger and more complex meals. eating for one, there were much of it i couldn't use right away. i'm trying to get better at improvisational cooking, and whipped up something using the following ingredients: a bit of ground pork, chili oil, chopped garlic, worcestershire sauce, a touch of brown sugar, rotini, shredded cheese, and scallions. it was awfully similar to what i made two fridays ago, a variation of glorified pasta with cheese. it tasted okay, nothing to write home about, no complaints (no photos either; i wolfed it down pretty quickly).

trash day tomorrow means bringing out the garbage. i hate taking out the trash to begin with, but with a broken foot it's even more of an ordeal. however, in recent days, i'm really starting to feel that my foot is pretty much healed. it's still probably going to take a while for the foot to be back to 100% normal, but it hardly hurts anymore, and whatever pain there is has nothing to do with fractured bones and more to do with the fact that i haven't used that foot in so long, things have gotten a little bit stiff. thursday is my next appointment and i'm already planning on getting back on the motorcycle this weekend if i can just get an inkling of an a-okay from the orthopedic doctors.