i just got out of bed when i heard a knock on my door. quickly getting dressed, i saw it was my next door neighbor renee. i haven't seen her since my accident so she immediately asked about my leg cast. she came by to ask me if i could fix one of her perennial computer problems. i went to take a look and saw that her video card was knocked loose. after that little bit of early morning computer repair, i got a ride with my father to the supermarket to get some groceries.

once i got home, i made my way to the garden. some watering, some weeding, some photos, some inspections. it was so hot, after i watered my plants i could see steam rising from the dark soil.

other than a hour of last minute debugging for client S, i really didn't have very much work today. i spent the afternoon sitting in front of the box fan and watching some downloaded shows: swingtown and generation kill.

for dinner i whipped up a simple pasta recipe: rotini pasta, button mushrooms, frozen peas, and mexican-cheddar cheese. it looked very similar to the pasta with creamy mushroom-pea sauce that i sometimes make, except no prosciutto and i used shredded cheese instead of cream to thicken the pasta. i also added some olive oil to prevent the pasta from sticking together and a dash of apple vinegar for some additional flavor. what i ended up with seemed like a fancy version of macaroni and cheese. i like the idea of using mushrooms as a meat substitute. not that i'm giving up meat, but i find it more difficult to cook with meat (or maybe, more difficult to get the best flavors out of meat).

it rained briefly in cambridge but i hardly noticed. i did hear some pattering on the back of the a/c and there was a scrolling severe weather warning, but not for the boston area. it got hot enough today that i actually turned on the air conditioner, but by evening the temperature dropped into the lower 70's.