woke up this morning to get ready for my dentist appointment. i walked down to harvard square to catch the 66 bus, arrived in allston center exactly on time to see doctor huang, my favorite dentist. i haven't seen him in a while, he looked the same except his hair was a little bit white. we chatted briefly. according to his records, i haven't seen him since 2004, more than 4 years ago. i told him about the toothache i had a few weeks ago that now has disappeared. he took an x-ray and noticed that the filling was very close to the nerve. since it didn't hurt anymore, he said it was nothing to worry about, but if the pain comes back (and becomes unbearable), i may need to get a root canal. in the meantime, he cleaned my teeth. after he was done, he remarked my teeth were surprisingly good despite having not visited him for almost half a decade. i told him because of my freelance jobs i can afford to take some long vacations and briefly mentioned my trips to southeast asia and china. his wife and fellow dentistry business partner is originally from vietnam, so he immediately perked up when he heard i've been to vietnam. "have you been there before?" i asked him. "oh, many times," he said. i gave him the address to my flickr account but he didn't seem very computer savvy (hopefully somebody will tell him how to check out some of my travel snapshots). total cost of cleaning plus x-ray: $73.

i didn't even realize it but we're heading into another heat wave apparently. when i came back from allston i paid a visit to my garden to water my plants. hot days are particularly rough on plants, as the combination of heat and sun can quickly wilt and kill them. when i got there all my cucumbers were already wilting. they immediately sprung back to life after a quick watering though. i spent some time touring some of the other plots (particularly admiring the flowers) before returning home.

still feeling the effects of yesterday's kayaking: my wrist doesn't hurt anymore, but that's little relief as the rest of my arms are now beginning to ache. i can feel it the most in my triceps. also for some reason, the joints on my middle and ring fingers of my right hand seem a little stiff. all in all, yesterday was a good day's worth of exercise plus naturing, nothing to complain about.

so james posey finally signed with a team; except it wasn't the celtics. from his track record he seems to bounce around a lot, so in hindsight it wasn't that big a surprise he'd go elsewhere, for more money and more years. were the celtics just so against giving him a 4th year? what did they see that we didn't? hopefully management can find someone to fill that gaping 6th man hole.

MSNBC finally disappeared. i can still see it with the digital cable box in the living room, but no longer on my bedroom television. no more to catch a predator reruns! no more murder for hire documentaries or prison life showcases! along with MSNBC, they also removed TRU TV (formerly court tv) and a trio of inspirational/religious channels.

caught the premiere of season 5 of project runway. there are still too many designers and too early in the process to deduce who will win, but it looks like daniel and kelli are the two creative powerhouses while most everyone else played it safe. if this was a modeling competition though, kenley would win hands down because she's the cutest (not know too much about her design talent though). the two people that deserve to be booted are suede (who talks about himself in the 3rd person all the time) and blayne (he's like the token retarded designer that they keep around because he's "special"; what he designed looked like the model fell down and smooshed a white fluffy cat).