it was warm today, but not hot, and not humid. there was even a cool breeze. the sky was a deep clear blue, the promise of good weather, at least for the next few days. i didn't even have to turn on the a/c, just opened up all the windows and ran a box fan in the living room.

i took a ride with julie to the galleria mall in the afternoon, where we visited best buy and the apple store, before taking a peek at petco. a lot of pretty fish, but i'm pretty much done with fish at this point. just waiting for the ones i have to die so i can retire those aquariums. my original plan of having a lush water garden never really took off. the limiting factor was the lack of proper lighting and insufficient carbon dioxide. coming back, julie dropped off some books at the cambridge library before leaving me close to my garden so i could water my plants.

my father swung by for a visit while i was in the garden; he collected a box of golden raspberries. for the first time i wore a bag over my aircast; i just got tired of having to clean out the mulberry guts underneath the sole with an used toothbrush. i had 3 eggshells that i crumbled and sprinkled throughout the garden. the row of healthy nasturtiums from yesterday didn't fare very well today; they wilted in the heat and eventually died, leaving just one surviving plant.

continued my work for client S today, got the go-ahead i was waiting for, with a tentative deadline of either tomorrow or monday. i might be able to get it done by friday, leaving next week for more leisurely pursuits.

i've been waiting for the new season of burn notice since the end of last september. tonight's season 2 premiere continued where we left off last time, with michael (jeffrey donovan) trapped inside of a semi-trailer truck. everyone's back, including wisecracking intelligence buddy sam (bruce campbell), ageless beauty fiona (gabrielle anwar), and everything-is-drama mother (sharon gless). this season marks the introduction of tricia helfer, better known as cylon 6; so for those folks going through battlestar withdrawal, you can catch her in burn notice.