the first thing i did this morning was to give client B a call. i tried to get in touch with them back at the end of june but never got a response. when i called today, they were in a meeting. funny, they're always in a meeting or on the phone when i call. i was starting to get worried, like maybe the client was purposely trying to avoid me. maybe they didn't want me working on the project anymore and was trying to find a good way to break the bad news.

i paid the garden a visit in the early afternoon after lunch. the mulberries were still falling as always but they seemed to be on the decline. only one of the cypress vines had started to coil on the chicken wire trellis; something which the wild morning glories had no problems with. the few nasturtium seedlings seem to be doing well, while the one i had from february that i transplanted outdoors isn't doing so bad either. i also sprinkled some cilantro seeds, hopefully a few will sprout out in time for august. maybe tomorrow i can collect some golden raspberries.

i called client B again, this time they were on the phone. once more i left a voicemail message, my suspicions growing. however, a few minutes later i got a call back. i listened to the message, apparently everything is still according to plan and they'll be finally sending me the script i've been asking for the past 2 weeks.

in the late afternoon i went with my parents to do some grocery shopping in chinatown. on the way out of the supermarket, i was browsing the collection of free circulars by the entrance when something caught my eye. it looked like a homemade fanzine featuring an orange cover with a drawing of a woman and the words "B.E.M." which stands for "blood, earth, & man," and apparently produced by somebody named howi lily. inside were several more pages of drawings featuring mostly scantily-clad women and one illustration of a football player. there were actually two copies left and i was so intrigued i ended up taking an issue. i'll scan all the pages tomorrow so everyone can enjoy this interesting find.

back at the cafe, i helped my parents unload the supplies before riding back to belmont with them for dinner. my mother made a dish with garlic scapes which she bought from whole foods ($8/lbs). she told us some story how this used to be her favorite food growing up but it's too expensive a delicacy for her to have often. i just thought it tasted like thin asparagus stalks with a garlicky flavor. afterwards my father and i investigated more gps-imported waypoints on google earth. while playing with hailey, she ripped another hole in my t-shirt. her tiny teeth are just too sharp! later my sister squeezed a rubber toy that emitted a series of high-pitched squeaks while scared the hell out of hailey, making her run back her sleep pen to hide. the rest of the night she seemed out of it, still too freaked out by the squeak toy.

so engrossed with google earth that when i got back home, i signed up for a panoramio account and uploaded a few photos that i also have gps coordinates for. so hopefully one day when you're playing around with google earth, you might just happen to see a photo i took.