we finally had a big storm today. i was tracking it on the doppler radar, bands of green, yellow and red blobs heading in our direction, like some imminent danger. the sky went dark and then it started. although it went through the area rather quickly, it brought 20 mph winds, horizontal rain, thunder & lightning, and even hail. i was indoors the whole time with the windows closed, so i didn't even realize ice pebbles were falling from the sky, otherwise i'd be out documenting this freakish weather. after it was all over, i could hear the sirens of ambulances and fire trucks racing all across town.

i got in touch with my old dentist today, jensian huang. when i called him last year, i just got an answering machine message saying he'd moved to allston (from boston). when i tried the new number, nobody answered. i kept on calling for about a week but finally gave up and decided to see a new dentist in chinatown. so when i phoned his number again today i was surprised somebody actually answered. when i told the receptionist who i was, she immediately remembered me. "where have you been?" she said. "i've been looking for you guys too!" i replied. doctor huang is my longtime dentist. i've known about him since the early 90's and started seeing him regularly when i went to college. most of the work in my mouth was done by him: the crown molding, the root canal, and of course all my cavity fillings. if anyone can solve my mysterious tooth ache, it's doctor huang. even if he left town, so long as i knew where he was, i'd still want him as my dentist. i've known him so long, he's almost like family. i can't wait to give him update about my life. i scheduled an appointment 2 weeks from today.

photos of neighbors from within the past few days:

julie came over in the evening, touting a dinner composed of almost entirely of vegetables from either her community garden or from the davis square farmer's market. she ended up making a thai-style soba noodle with fried gyozas.

we watched a show on the travel channel called "deep-fried paradise", featuring some outrageous deep-fried restaurants from across america. from the relatively mundane, like deep-fried turkey, to the crazy-insane like deep-fried bacon strips. later we watched the second to last episode of she's got the look. bahia, once again seemingly on the chopping block (for criticizing daisy fuentes' cooking, despite the fact that daisy purposely made an inedible creation), escaped another elimination round. we thought maybe karin (the awkward german) would get axed but hope ended up leaving in a surprising twist. last episode is next week, bahia all the way! (she had me at red pants).