went to the garden this morning to put up the chicken wire trellis. there was a woman in the plot next to mine whom i didn't recognize (it wasn't the same woman from last season). i tried to get her attention but she did her best to ignore me, which is strange because normally everyone is very friendly in the community garden. she was wearing a yankees cap though, so it was impossible we'd ever be friends.

i didn't want to work in my plot because of all the mashed mulberries, so i went to the other side of the community garden where was some open space. i basically unfurled a length of chicken wire and stapled each end to wooden stakes i'd drive into the ground. another gardener saw me and asked what i was doing. when she heard i might staple the chicken wire to the fence itself, she said, "oh, i think that fence belongs to the people next door," which seemed like a coded message telling me not to do it.

i tried the staking method but it didn't work. i ended up removing the chicken wire and stapling it to the fence. it still buckles at certain spots but better than nothing. i finally got the attention of my garden neighbor when i essentially just stared her down. "i'm listening to an audio book," she said, pointing to her headphones. translation: technology allows me to forget my manners. "hi, my name is tony," i told her. she then did this whole elaborate thing where she dug out her ipod, paused her track, and took out her earbuds. "what?" she said. by that point i really didn't care, i'd already deemed her unworthy of my attention.

i was so tired and sweaty by that point i decided to just go home instead of doing anymore planting or watering the garden. as soon as i got back i took a shower (actually, i spent 10 minutes digging out mulberry guts from the bottom of my aircast shoe before taking a shower).

just as fast as i was done i was out the door again, this time to harvard square to catch wanted at the harvard theatre. i ambled along with my frankenstein gait, cutting through the farmer's market on the harvard campus, arriving at the theatre with 5 minutes to spare, just in time to catch a few minutes of commercials before 15 minutes of previews. wanted follows in the footsteps of the matrix and fight club, the young male office drone who discovers he's actually more important than he realizes, your basic nerd boy fantasy brought to cinematic life. this time around, instead of being a virtual messiah or the ringleader of a clandestine fight club, the protagonist (james macavoy) is a member of a secret fraternity of assassins. assassins who also started out in the business of rug making (i kid you not). story-wise, wanted is more like fight club in its subversiveness and sense of humor, but effects-wise is more like the matrix. "bullet curving" is this summer's bullet time. i've read the original comics and i'm happy the movie is only loosely based on the original source material (more superheroes and multiple dimensions). for many who see this movie, angelina jolie is the main attraction. the woman has so much star wattage her very presence is like its very own special effect. if you've seen the trailer, you've basically seen all the good parts of the film, but it's still a movie worthy of a look, if nothing else, at least you'll have an idea of what all the fanboys will be talking about.

leaving the theatre, i heard somebody calling my name behind me across the street. it took a while for me to spot the caller, but it was brice, here at harvard square taking a writing course. i was surprised he recognized me since i temporarily don't have my goatee. he asked if he could borrow a pen and then ran to his class because he was late.

i have a very mild tooth ache. i think it's one of my molars that i had some work done on it last summer, when a piece of filling came loose. i went to a chinatown dentist where they basically removed the rest of the filling and refilled it. however, more like they just coated it because they still left a big crater. i asked if it was normal and the dentist said it was fine but i definitely have this suspicion that maybe corners were cut and now something bad has happened. bad like i may need a root canal. another root canal. we'll see, i'll have to schedule an appointment for next week (routine teeth cleaning, but get them to take an x-ray). scheduling a dentist appointment feels like volunteering for an execution.