i basically spent the whole day waiting for a package from prospective client L. the secretary called me yesterday to ask if i'd be home today because they were overnighting a cd to me. essentially i was held hostage for the entire day. i couldn't even take a shower because i was afraid i wouldn't hear the doorbell. and of course i couldn't leave the house. the UPS truck didn't show up until 6:30pm, and i didn't even have to sign for it, the delivery guy just slipped it through the mail slot. if i'd known it was going to be like that, i wouldn't have wasted a whole day waiting.

at least it was the kind of day meant for staying indoors. the weather all this week has been periods of sun punctuated by violent downpours. the sort of rainstorm that even if you had an umbrella you'd still be soaked. also due to all this heat, it's often accompanied by thunder and lightning as well. this afternoon felt like a war zone as the sky kept on rumbling. i waited by the living room window, hoping to catch somebody in the rain, so i could get a dramatic snapshot (no such luck).

my insurance company kept on calling me. the first person was collecting a bunch of information about the accident. apparently this is the parent company, the ones who actually dispense compensation. the forms i filled out previously were only sent to the local representative. later somebody else from the insurance company called me, with details about my claim. he said i didn't have any repair protection on my policy (this i knew already) but i qualified for a $5000 medical compensation. i told him i wasn't going to make any claims and that my health insurance would cover my injuries.

when the rain finally stopped, the weather suddenly cleared up, and you wouldn't have known what just happened if it weren't for the puddles dotting the streets and sidewalks. it was right around that time when people were coming back from work and i noticed a lot of folks carrying beers back home in preparation for the weekend.

had the last of my reubens for dinner. the weather started to cool off so i took the opportunity to open some windows, let some of that breeze aerate the house.