exhilarating. tonight the boston celtics won their 17th franchise NBA final championship on the 17th day of the month no less. before the patriots won 3 super bowls, before the red sox walked away with 2 world series, there was the celtics, boston's original sports dynasty with a slew of championship victories. the 22 years drought is finally over, the celtics can finally reclaim its rightful place as the winningest team in town. was there ever any doubt? not when they obliterated the lakers with a final score of 131-92, a 39 point differential. it was the perfect ending to a magical season, proving to all the naysayers that the celtics are for real and are deserving of their title. the celtics defense was suffocating, contesting every single lakers shot attempt throughout the entire 48 minutes of play. everyone contributed, including fan-favorite glen "big baby" davis, who'd been sitting on the bench for the entire series. KG was going to the paint! ray ray was raining down the 3's despite being poked in the eye! injured "bubba" perkins on the floor! rondo was stealing like crazy and shooting the ball for a change! posey the unsung warrior! doc gets gatoraded! and paul fierce (17+17=34), he's a bad man! i'm so happy for those guys, especially the veterans who've never won a ring until now. i'm looking forward to the parade that will take place on thursday! and i can guarantee i'll be watching every single celtics game come next season.

i managed to wake up early this morning. i was probably excited about the prospects of possibly seeing the celtics clinch the championship. the only thing i had on my itinerary was to renew some library books, which i managed to do online. i set up a craig's list meeting with a person looking to sell a linksys wireless router. most of the day i was hoping it'd rain so i wouldn't have to go out into the garden to water the plants. it did rain eventually, but intermittently, punctuated with bursts of sunshine. i bumped into eliza's former roommate jaeda walking down my street; she's leaving for a life in india come thursday. in the early evening i got a call from somebody at the cambridge recycling department. "do you still want your rain barrel?" the person on the other end asked. i'd forgotten that today was the pickup day. i ordered one last month for my father ($70). with 30 minutes left before the rain barrel people would be leaving, i managed to get in touch with my father who drove us out to the recycle department to pick up the merchandise. on our way there, he was upset about the recent break repairs he had done at that auto shop behind the fresh pond cinema. apparently they're not very good (brakes were still squeaking) and ended up damaging the disc brakes themselves, so now my father will have to take the car to the dealership to get it fixed again for more money. after he dropped me off back at my place, i finally did a quick water change on my two dirty guppy tanks.