unfortunately i got this note too late because i already sent my motorcycle to the shop this morning. since i couldn't ride, my father took the motorcycle, with me following behind him in the car, to greater boston motorsports in arlington. i made the appointment last week. i listed all the things i wanted them to check or fix, and then handed over the key. the guy said they'd call me with an estimate. we browsed the motorcycles on sale before we left. all of their scooters were wearing "sold" tags. one of the salesman saw me walking in my aircast and said something like, "i hope that didn't happen on one of our bikes!"

we ended up getting some barbecue for lunch from blue ribbon BBQ just a few blocks away. since we were there early, we waited in the car for them to open up. we tried to estimate how much the motorcycle repair would cost. i thought maybe $200-300 but my father thought it'd be $500. the motorcycle itself is just worth $1000 at this point. when blue ribbon finally opened their doors at 11am, i got a double order of sausages & ribs with sides of corn and beans ($30, prices have increased).

after we finished eating in belmont, we went to the cafe briefly. by that point it'd started to rain. i went with my father to everett, where i picked up a replacement halogen bulb for my bathroom fixture from home depot before doing some supply shopping at costco. there's a muscle guy who works there whom i've seen a few times. he was looking at my cast. "broke my foot, motorcycle accident," i told him. "you're lucky," he said, which sounded like a snide remark, but i knew what he meant - most motorcycle accidents are much worse. later my father and i also went to market basket as well as the tofu wholesaler near kendall square to buy some bean sprouts.

it was almost 4pm when i made it back to my place and found that note slipped underneath my front door. i was kind of hurt that my new best friend doesn't remember my name (i'm bad with names myself), referring to me as "the guy with the honda rebel." i thought it was interesting that he wrote his own name twice, and that the message is actually dated a week into the future.

i had a relatively early dinner, eating a box of fried rice around 7pm. lying on the couch afterwards, i quickly fell asleep as it began to thunder and lightning outside. i woke up with some back pains, as often happens when i sleep on the too-soft couch.