it took a while for that korean ramen i had last night to finally kick in (chajang chapagetti). i should've known something was wrong because it tasted and looked awful, like burnt ash mixed with noodles. even now thinking about it makes me gag a little bit. trouble started late last night. those with a distaste for too-much-info topics of an explicit scatological nature should skip this paragraph altogether. my first trip to the bathroom was annoying but understandable. i figured my stomach finally caught up with what i instinctively knew was probably some bad food. it was a messy affair, like going no.1 where i usually do my no.2 business. i cleaned up, went back to bed. about another hour later, another bathroom trip. a little bit concerned, but figured i wasn't finished the first time, needed a sequel to tie up the loose ends. about another hour goes by, and i'm back in the bathroom. okay, i see what's going on, i get the pattern. i could even hear my stomach gurgling, letting me know this wouldn't be over soon. so it went the rest of the night, like a hungry baby waking up to be fed, expect in my case it was an angry digestive system that demanded special attention. i tried to get some decent sleep but after a while i just gave up, decided to wake up and watch some morning television instead.

it rained last night and into this morning. the pitter patter of raindrops was the ambient noise of the day. looking out the front steps i noticed the water droplets beading on the recently sealed wood. australian timber oil in action! that stuff is great, can't wait to do the backyard deck as well.

my grandmother called me out of the blue all the way from san jose. i thought maybe she was calling to ask about the motorcycle accident, but i knew nobody in my family would even dare tell her for fear of making her worried about my personal safety. she called for another reason though, asked if i needed any money because she knows i don't have a steady source of income. i told her i've got a few projects lined up and not to worry, that i should have enough cash on hand to survive the rest of 2008.

in the evening i went over to my parents for dinner.

hailey is at that stage where she bites everything, especially people and clothes. she needs to socialize with other dogs to learn her biting manners, something my sister hasn't done yet because hailey hasn't received all her shoots. the only way to make her stop is to bribe her with a dog chew. nevertheless, when she gets too hyper, all we have to do is to put her in the kitchen between the screen door and she'll go right to sleep after a few barks.

i drove myself back to cambridge because i needed to go to arlington tomorrow morning to get my motorcycle fixed. of course the highlight of the evening was game 5 between the celtics and lakers. a lot of sportscasters were saying celtics would win it tonight so i was all ready for the victory. unfortunately the lakers ended up winning, but it was close, down to the final seconds. celtics were definitely competitive and put the fear in the lakers that they only managed to barely squeak out a win. let's hope the celtics can wrap it up on tuesday. as happy as i am to have this storybook season go on and on, a game 7 against the lakers would be too much excitement for my poor heart.