say what you will about my motorcycle crash injuries, but at least it gave me a legitimate excuse to lounge around on the couch all day, watching television guilt-free.

that fireman was right: my wounds didn't hurt so much at the time, but it did hurt a day later. it's kind of like when you exercise for the very first time, and the pain doesn't really hit you until 24 hours later, and then you're sore all over. i must be on an accelerated healing schedule because my body didn't even wait a day: despite my best efforts to elevate and ice, the ankle swelling got so bad last night that i couldn't even walk, and literally had to crawl to the bathroom on hands and knees, and then groaning in the dark back to my bedroom. it was pitiful, i'm glad i live alone.

this morning there was less swelling but i still couldn't walk and had to hop around on one leg, and even that one good leg had issues of its own. after some ice pack treatment and ankle flexing exercises though, i was able to put some weight on my left leg, enough so i could at least move around the house gingerly, in a quasimodo-like shuffle.

i was supposed to go to a meeting with client N this morning at 9am. i wrote molly last night to postpone it, or maybe just have it over the phone, which is what we ended up doing. she was sympathetic to my situation but crash damage recovery is a pretty good excuse.

rest of the day was about recuperating, which is just a nice way of saying not doing anything but lying on my back. it was kind of befitting that it was a rainy day, so i wasn't tempted to go outside, and garden would get watered. i finally called me parents, who were on their way back from their cape cod camping vacation, to let them know what happened. my father visited in the afternoon to see how i was doing and to deliver a rotisserie chicken. he help me move my motorcycle because my foot was still swollen enough that i couldn't put on my shoes without some pain.

i'll see how it goes tomorrow. i'm definitely getting better, but it'd be nice to get an x-ray to make sure nothing's broken. if things don't improve significantly, i might hobble down to the hospital to get my leg checked out. maybe the doctor could even prescribe some painkillers and if you quietly slip your e-mail underneath my door, i'll send you some samples, wink wink.