presented with a list of options this morning, i selected running. before that happened however, i had to pay a visit to CVS to pick up a prescription refill i phoned in yesterday but never got around to getting. it also gave me a chance to get my motorcycle, which i parked a block away because of street cleaning. afterwards i went to the nearby rite aid to buy some shoelaces. when i came back home i realized i wouldn't have anything to eat after my run so i then went out to buy some groceries. by the time i was finally ready for my run it was already 3pm. i went, came back, and that's when i had lunch, around 4pm.

i passed by the community garden on my way back. i noticed some people have already planted their tomatoes. that reminded me to bring out my indoor plants for hardening so they can finally be transplanted within the next few days. they haven't been doing very well. despite the fact that i'm using 4 rows of fluorescent lights, i think the colors are wrong, resulting in very chlorophyll deficient plants. i think they'll do better once they're exposed to real sunlight (and i can finally shut down my closet grow house).

the big story in the news cycle was regarding senator ted kennedy and the discovery that his seizure attacks this weekend were caused be a malignant brain tumor. can the kennedys ever get a break? you figured maybe one of them would escape a tragic fate and just fade away quietly to die in their sleep. of his brothers, maybe ted was the lucky one. he did survive to an old age.

i accidently drifted to fox news while i was channel surfing. while a bunch of talking heads were talking about the kentucky and oregon primaries happening tonight, there were poll questions flashing across the screen. i've only recently caught on that HRC stands for hillary rodham clinton. but BHO? that was a new acronym i've never seen before until today. then it hit me. barack hussein obama. only on fox! how can such a biased network be allowed to present the news? the scary thing isn't the fact that fox exists, but that they have a receptive audience who actually believes all this one-sided reporting. why doesn't the other news networks gang up against fox and do an expose? or are they afraid to be held accountable for hypocrisy within their own news organization?

the highlight of the evening was the celtics pistons game. celtics pulled to a quick 8-0 lead right from the start, which pretty much set the tempo of the game. although detroit would recapture the lead on occasion, the celtics were never very far behind. the whole game was close, and when the celtics finally grabbed the lead for the last time in the second half, the pistons were always within striking distance - they just couldn't catch up. there was the whole debate whether boston would be tired after finishing a grueling 7 game series just two days ago versus detroit who've been resting for a week now. maybe the pistons got a bit rusty during their time off.