there was a video shoot on the end of my street today. not sure what they were doing but it looked like a scene where two girls were walking down the street, one of them sees a poster and starts clawing at it, her friend drags her away, but she breaks free to continue ripping up the poster. they rehearsed it a few times before they shot it with real poster ripping. the poster said, "whores in love?" and after doing a google search, it brought up this blog posting.

no mouse caught this morning. a mixture of relief and disappointment. the faint trace of cloves is a dead giveaway that i've set out the traps, the recommencement of my rodent elimination campaign. i'm still baffled as to why a mouse was even in my house in the first place since there's nothing to eat because i store all my perishable food in plastic bins. i'm hoping it was a transient and just passing through.

watched some last days of disco this afternoon. how i came across the dvd is a long story, as this movie is virtually impossible to find and used copies fetch as much as $125 online. i actually downloaded the disc image through one of my nefarious sources then burned it onto a dvd disc. i've seen the movie but never quite understood it. seemed like there's just a lot of talking with characters i don't really care about. watching again still made little sense. however, the disco soundtrack is to die for. like, if i could only bring one album with me on a deserted island, it'd be this soundtrack. plus the movie features a young kate beckinsale. firing up my dvd player got me tweaking my AV setup. at first i thought the player was broken because the audio was full of noise, before i realized i just had the right audio composite plug inserted into the wrong port. i then realized i had component video on both dvd player and tv, so i switched over and was pleasantly surprised how much better the video quality was.

i bumped into paul on my way out, who was unloading his packed station wagon. he went up to vermont this weekend where he had a rented storage locker that he was finally getting rid of (he had it for almost a decade), and moving all that stuff down here into our basement. steve came out to help him, right when i was leaving for dinner in belmont.

a cold night to be motorcycling, but i was dressed for the occasion and it wasn't teeth-clatteringly cold with temperature in the upper 40's. i was more afraid of a dying engine than a few minutes of uncomfortable freeze. i made sure i obeyed all traffic laws, since the end of the month normally means an increase in police ticketing. the weather the next few days will be rainy so at least that'll keep me off the roads.

past few days i've been running two usb-powered fans in my grow closet. first to get rid of the smell, but second to prevent mold which has been spreading on the moist dirt due to poor air circulation. why this is only happening now is because i turned off my heat, so the forced air intake located on the floor of the closet isn't operating anymore. i watered all my plants tonight and then transplanted some more plants, including some tomatoes, peppers, and some coreopsis.