i almost passed out last night. i was working on the computer while snacking on some sunflower seeds. when i got up, i suddenly felt really dizzy for some reason. i knew right away what it was: too much sodium! because of my hypertension (it's the silent killer, as you know), i try to eat a pretty low salt diet. over the years, it's made me very sensitive to sodium, although i've never really had a problem with it until tonight. actually, i've experienced this once before, having lunch with my grandfather back in taiwan many years ago. i had this very salty soup and immediately started feeling unwell and dizzy afterwards.

with no strength to continue further, i decided to go to bed. i was kind of scared, because what if it's something serious, and i really do pass out and don't wake up? living alone, who would even know i was unconscious? i thought about leaving a note, just in case. "those damn salty sunflowers killed me." not only was i dizzy, but i felt a little nauseous as well. i then drifted off to sleep, destination unknown.

when i opened my eyes this morning i was relieved that i didn't die during the night. the symptoms were gone, all that sodium filtered out by my kidneys. i'm going to stay away from the salty sunflower seeds for the time being.

i paid a visit to the library to return some books and to get a few new ones. once i returned home, i decided to go out for a run before lunch because the weather was so nice (approach 70's). i like running on an empty stomach. that might sound counter-intuitive, since i have nothing in the tank, but when my stomach is empty i feel lighter and there's a lot less digestive jostling. i did much better last friday though; today's run featured even more walking. park services haven't re-installed the drinking fountain by the boathouse yet, so not only am i exhausted after my run, but i'm also very much dehydrated.

normally i take a shower immediately after i get home, but today i got dressed and went down to the motorcycle shop in union square to ask about their scooters. specifically, what's the engine size cutoff for registration? first, the scooter has to be 50cc or less. if it's any higher, the RMV classifies it as a motorcycle and it needs to be registered along with proper insurance and operator license. an unregistered scooter also can't go beyond 30mph, although many 50cc scooters are capable of speeds faster than that (up to 40mph normally). in some places the cops don't care (like boston, they have better things to do), but in others (like cambridge and arlington), the police are particularly sensitive and will fine you.

for dinner i made some rigatoni with vodka sauce. my father dropped by right when i was cooking (it was a late dinner) to deliver some chinese cookies he bought in chinatown earlier today.