with no work to do and the weather too cold to do any motorcycle sightseeing, i was left to my own devices for most of the day. the recycle department came by to drop off a new recycling bin but failed to collect the two broken ones i left outside. the scifi channel continued their morning and afternoon BSG marathon and i continued to watch.

despite the lazy haze of this wednesday, i managed to get a few things done. first i planted some more seeds. i reused much of the soil from old dirt cups that used to be homes for failed seedlings. it's sort of risky, since old soil is more clumpy and seeds are less likely to germinate. i planted 6 tomatillos (3 seeds each) and 6 thai red peppers (2 seeds each), along with a shallow container that i sprinkled about 40 coreopsis (AKA tickseed) seeds. besides being tiny, coreopsis seeds also have some weird sowing requirements, including a temperature range between 55-65°F and 7-30 days to germination.

the second thing i managed to do today was my taxes. i installed the software this past weekend in preparation for tax day. i was just sort of playing around with the software, entering a few numbers, but before i knew it, i had pretty much all my taxes done. doing taxes is like getting a shot at the doctor's office. i'm nervous and i put it off for as long as possible, but the actual shot hurts but just a second and afterwards i kind of scratch my head over all the fuss i made. the number i got with turbotax was pretty much the number i'd predicted. not the best news, but not bad either. now for the rest of the week i'll be trying to find any deductions i might've overlooked.

i made some clam sauce linguine tonight. i didn't have any onion so the sauce was kind of weak, just garlic, clams, butter, olive oil, flour, and chicken broth. it really was just an excuse for me to finally use some of that parsley i've been growing. some of the leaves were so old they were hard and leathery, but they seemed fine all chopped up and tossed with the pasta.

wednesday night must mean america's next top model. tonight is probably the last episode i'll watch this season once tyra and judges decided claire should go. she was such a sure thing, had more modeling in her pinky than all the other models combined. hope some independent agency picks her up and gives her a contract, she so doesn't need ANTM, she's already there.