2 new cardinal climber flowers blossomed this morning. i noticed when i examined the stems that the flower buds seem to grow in pairs for some reason, and there was even one with 3 buds.

as promised, i went around the house today collecting all the information i need to do my taxes: invoices, pay stubs, 1099-MISC's, receipts, and some other forms. for the first time i figured out how much i made for 2007 (more than i thought, even though i didn't manage to save any money), and from that number i can gauge approximately what my final tax amount is going to be. it's definitely going to wipe clean my bank account but i think i can survive this.

yesterday i collected all my glue traps. after more than a week of setting them out, i didn't manage to catch anything, so i'm figuring i don't have a mice problem anymore. i'm both relieved and disappointed at the same time. but i'll probably sleep better at nights not having gone through the trauma of euthanizing a captured mouse.

speaking of sleeping, this past week i've noticed i've been getting more weird dreams than usual. i can't remember any of them, just that they're extremely elaborate and they don't feel like their my dreams. it's like my subconscious has ADD and it's channel surfing through all the various programs. especially last night, but now that i think about, maybe all those hot chili peppers i ate on my pizza might have something to do with it.

before i went to belmont for dinner, i went with my mother to market basket to pick up some groceries. i've never been there on a sunday and noticed a lot of the shelves were empty, like there was a shopping spree and there was nobody available to restock the aisles. to make matters worse, all the registers malfunctioned right when we were waiting in line, so they could only accept cash, no credit card or checks. we were stuck in a line where the person ahead of us had already paid with a credit card, so he had to visit an ATM and get enough cash to pay for his food. i wanted to get the motorcycle tonight but it still needs an oil change; besides, it was just too cold to make it back to cambridge without freezing to death.