most of today was spent working on code for client S. i have a self-imposed friday deadline that i may or may not make depending on how much progress i make the next few days.

today was a wet and cold day. apparently it had snowed a little bit earlier but now it was just raining. i went outside just once to bring in the trash can and recycle bins.

when i emptied half of my closet to turn it into a grow house, i left a lot of the boxes in the dining area of the kitchen. i always meant to bring them down to the basement, but never got the chance. with spring just around the corner, it won't be long before i move some of those boxes back into the closet. so instead of taking them to the basement now, i've temporarily moved them all to the unused guest bedroom.

weiwei came over briefly in the early evening to take back his camera. after he left i spent the remaining time cleaning up the house before julie came over for dinner.

i made some pasta alla carbonara. the recipe looked more delicious than the actual result. it seemed like a vegetarian pasta: a mixture of peas, onions, and whole wheat angel hair pasta, with just a dash of bacon. instead of cooking it over the stove, julie tried to make some more bacon using the microwave, resulting in a grease fire that left the kitchen a bit smelly before i blew out the smoke with a fan.

we watched 2 episodes of top chef on bravo. i'm surprised it's already on season 4; i could've sworn the show would get cancelled after the first season. the problem with these cooking competitions is the inability to actually enjoy the food since the audience can never taste them. with something like project runway, it can be appreciated entirely visually. not so with food however. plus, maybe because i'm not a culinary expert, but i get lost in the cooking lingo, especially all the french and italian dishes i've never heard of before. for my money, i rather watch an instructional cooking show and learn something that i can actually make on my own and enjoy.

before julie left i introduced her to the wii (we moved the coffee table for safety reason). she created a mii character that looked nothing like her and then we played some bowling, tennis, and finally baseball.