waking up early on a cold monday morning to drive an hour down to norwood for a project meeting is a bit surreal. fortunately it was against the flow of rush hour traffic so i didn't hit any congestion. i haven't drive on the highway for so long, i was actually sort of nervous, particularly navigating interstate 93. i arrived 15 minutes early and waited in the car, passing the time by flipping through a book of maps, figuring out my escape route after the meeting.

i've worked with client B before, and in the space of just a few minutes, managed to meet the handful of people i know there. i went over the details with mark to discuss two museum interactives, one due in spring (in about 2 months), another for the end of summer.

returning to cambridge, i realize i have no driving stamina, and almost fell asleep behind the wheel. i went to my parents' cafe to return their car. i also managed to get some wonton soup for lunch and talked with a customer who was planning a trip to vietnam and cambodia. my father drove me to the library to return some books before dropping me off at home.

my godmother's son weiwei just recently came back from a hiatus in taipei. since the last time i saw him, he's become quite the nikon SLR aficionado and came over to show me his gear. while in taiwan he bought a used nikon D70, along with a 35mm f2.0, 50mm f1.8, and the standard kit 18-70mm zoom. he said he likes using fixed lenses and his favorite is the 35mm, which has a good working distance. i've never used a lens quicker than f2.8 before so i was eager to try out his faster lenses, but because they only work with the nikon body, it's hard for me to gauge their effectiveness since i'm too used to my canon XT. he ended up leaving his camera and lenses for me to play with while i let him borrow some photography books.

i had leftover fried chicken for dinner. i used to love day-old kfc, but now they kind of make me sick, the amount of residual oil i can still taste in the cold pieces. normally for whatever reason i often get confused on mondays and think it's tuesday. there's been more than time that i put out the trash, only to realize i'm a day early. how i figure it out is by seeing what shows are on tv. birds oriented themselves through magnetic fields while bees can use the location of the sun. me? i navigate with the help of prime time television. if how i met your mother is on CBS, it must be monday. if NBC is broadcasting an episode of SVU, then it's tuesday.