maura and andrew invited david and i down to newton to see their new house this afternoon. david was kind enough to offer me a ride, otherwise i would've had to take a long trip on the T. maura and andrew gave us a tour of their place, from inside to the backyard and ending at the basement. andrew wanted me input for the backyard, a raw uphill landscape with plenty of potential. he thought about chopping down a few trees to make way for more sunlight and even considered growing a lawn. his new place reminded me a lot of his old place in malden, particularly the empty rock-strewn landscape in the backyard. besides the house tour, we also got a pizza lunch along with the deal, this being my second consecutive day of pizza eating. afterwards david gave me a ride back to cambridge.

dinner with my family this sunday consisted of some kfc. the crispy chicken was so fresh that it was still steaming in the bucket. the dog was barking in her pen, obviously smelling the human food and wanting to get a share. after we finished eating my father and sister let her out. i heard a rumor earlier in the week that suhan wanted to take back the dog in may when he graduated from school. my father said it wasn't true. i took some photos of the dog (most of them blurry, she's quite active), who seemed to be fascinated by the sound of the camera shutter.

i also took home the wii i got last weekend. i had an unfair advantage since i've played all the games already at my place, so i won most of them, with the exception of pool, which my father managed to beat me.

i drove back one of the cars since i needed to be in norwood tomorrow morning for a meeting with client B. weather looks good, so hopefully there won't be any reason for me to get stuck in traffic. the downside is it'll take me an hour to drive down and an hour to drive up. i also burned a dvd for one of the designers i work with, she wanted some samples for a presentation. i'll deliver it to her tomorrow after my meeting, and after i pay a visit to the library to return some books.

i've pretty much neglected my indoor garden. every few days i'll water it, that's about it. i don't do my daily checks anymore, or if i do, it's without photo documentation. with spring arriving later this week, soon i'll be able to start growing outdoors again, where the fresh air and free sunlight will make bigger and better plants. i'm trying to figure out if i can salvage any of my indoor plants and transplant them outdoors. hopefully by then i'll be able to see some nasturtium flowers in bloom. there's one already that looks like it's ready to open up, a yellow flower.