a late start to my saturday but that's what weekends are for. i was awaken by a call this morning from the hospital. i thought maybe there was something wrong with my MRA appointment, perhaps my condition was too trivial to get a magnetic resonance image scan, but the person calling told me they just changed the time. i went back to bed and woke up 3 hours later, with most of my saturday already in progress. i made a bagel + cheese + egg + bacon sandwich for breakfast/lunch and ate it while watching last night's episode of in treatment. later i took a shower and performed a water change on my minibow aquarium. the hair algae problem is pretty bad, i really need to buy some chemical algae cleaner.

i met eliza at the kendall cinema at 6:30pm. she'd called me earlier while i was still underground in the subway. i called her back and left a message, figuring she was just letting me know she'd be late. so imagine my surprise when i realized she was already at the theatre and had just bought the tickets. we were there to watch in bruges, which i thought would be a light-hearted english comedy about the lives of scoundrels, in this case some assassins hiding out in belgium.

not since the likes of luke wilson has an actor's eyebrows upstaged him more than colin farrell's. dancing up and down like they have a life of their own, their effects amplified that much more on the big screen. all sorts of silliness ensues, including a pregnant innkeeper and a dwarf actor. here and there jokes are made at the expense of americans, canadians, and of course belgians. if nothing else, the movie should be seen just for that one scene where colin farrell karate-chops a midget for no good reason.

after the movie, eliza and i walked to emma's pizza for a late dinner. the place was crowded but we were lucky enough to only have to wait just a few minutes before being seated. i asked her more pregnancy questions during salad and pizza. from outward appearance she still looked the same as before, just that maybe she was hiding a volleyball under her shirt. an expecting mother puts on 30 lbs of extra weight but she told me she'd already gained all that with a few more months still left to go.

afterwards we walked back to her new used car (a black volvo) parked outside the theatre. earlier she was showing me these silver flame stickers she'd bought to put on the car. craving some dessert, we drove to nearby inman square to get some ice cream at christina's. i tried the burnt sugar flavor which was pretty good, like a fragrant coffee. we passed by a bar and thought it'd be funny for her to go inside and order a drink, just to see how people would react. can't a pregnant lady get her swerve on once in a while?

after eliza dropped me off, i spent the rest of the night watching saturday night live and playing some hellgate. tracy morgan was the guest commentator on weekend update and gave an entertaining diatribe on why obama should be president. there's been a lot of controversy the past few weeks, regarding whether or not SNL is pro-clinton. tracy morgan pretty much leveled the playing field again when he said, "bitch may be the new black, but black is the new president."