apparently there was a lot of behind-the-scene drama involving the dog within the past 24 hours. suhan's girlfriend is returning to taiwan in a few days, and wanted the dog back before she left. that of course upset my father and sister, who have been on the receiving end of this back and forth dog swap for far too long, so they told them if they wanted to see "their" dog they'd have to come visit her in belmont. when i arrived my sister had just taken them back home. i saw the dog for the first time, a blue-eyed siberian husky, a little bit beyond the puppy stage, starting to grow longer and taller. she still wasn't house trained yet and during the time i was there she urinated twice and defecated once. my father and sister cleaned up after her dutifully with no complaints, for fear of giving me more ammunition to tell them to give up the dog to somebody else more deserving and knowledgeable in dog raising.

i just wanted to get out of that house, there was just too much dog to handle. she chewed on my shoes, ran around the house running into furniture, barked for attention, begged for food, bit my toes, and wouldn't come back into the house when they let her out into the backyard. the place smelled like dog food everywhere. now that she's teething she'll chew everything, including more shoes and pieces of furniture, like the bottom of the new wooden chairs my parents recently got. new dining room table? i hope you like scratches because they're going to be covered with them when the dog is home alone and trying to paw food off the table. the list goes on and on.

instead of cooking, we just got some takeout from burger king. in light of my recent nutritional awakening, it felt strangely wrong to be eating a whopper plus fries plus coke (actually root beer). here the math: whopper sandwich 670 calories, medium fries 360 calories, medium soft drink 200 calories = 1230 calories; fortunately i didn't have much of a lunch so i probably needed those calories. afterwards i got my mother to give me a quick haircut (my long shaggy winter mane, all gone) before getting a ride back to cambridge.

suhan is always selling stuff on ebay and brought over a brand new wii because "he has a bunch already at home." my parents told me to take it. i was reluctant at first, because hours ago i was still so mad with suhan that i didn't want to return to belmont if he was still there. so now of course i felt guilty taking the wii, like it's some sort of blood console. the way i rationalized it, at the very least it's a loaner, and i'll play with it for a little bit before returning it.

i set the wii up once i got back home. the only problem was it was missing the wii sports disc. maybe that's what's wrong with it. without the disc there was no games to be played, but i think i can call up nintendo and request a replacement for a nominal fee (there isn't a solo version of wii sports in the US, it comes bundled with the hardware). i did however go online and buy some wii points so i could download the web browser (apparently it used to be free, but now it costs $5). i also wanted to get another pair of remote & nunchuk, but didn't realize how expensive they were, at $60 a pair. at that price, if i wanted to have a 4 player wii set, i'd have to shell out $180, about the price of a wii. but at the heart of the wii system is the remote controller itself, so it'd make sense their high cost because of the advanced hardware. plus, because of patented design, currently only nintendo makes the remotes, so they can pretty much set the price whatever they want.

today also marked the start of daylight saving time. despite the fact that we lost an hour of sleep last night, i like it much better now, more daylight to be had. it confused me later in the evening however when i noticed my grow lights didn't automatically turn off. i thought there was something wrong with the timer but then i remembered they're still set for standard time.