another tuesday, another series of primaries. texas, ohio, rhode island, vermont: obama only managed to win vermont, with ohio and rhode island going to clinton and texas still undecided. i suppose for the sake of fairness clinton was due for a victory, after all those obama wins. but with neither democratic candidate delivering that knockout punch, looks like this whole nomination process is going to drag on for a few more weeks and probably months. we're not even voting for the president yet, just the party nomination for the presidency. even after the democrats finally sort out this mess, there's still the general election to worry about.

times like this i envy countries that don't have a democratic form of government. why can't the previous leader just appoint somebody to take his place? candidates make all sort of promises on the campaign trail, but most never live up to expectations once they get into office (for instance, look at that sad example for a congress). for example, nationalized health care has been on the political agenda for decades - i only realized that when i watched an old presidential debate (between carter and reagan i think) - but we still don't have a solution. although i eat it up with a spoon, i'm starting to get sick of all this non-stop political coverage on tv. i wonder if the longer it drags out, the more folks like me they create, people who are despondent about this whole political process. i just know if my candidate doesn't get the party nomination, i'm pretty sure i'm going to sit this election out, figure something else to do with all my time.

today: went to the supermarket with my mother; obsessed about calories, figured out how to approximate total calories by adding up all the carbohydrates, proteins, and fats; think i either have a tooth ache or a weird inner ear infection; began my work for client S; finished up the tea eggs; briefly thought about running because it was so warm (50's) but decided against it; started raining in the afternoon; had some chinese meatballs with rice for dinner; and didn't take any photographs.