the porter square post office closes at 2pm on saturdays. when i realized that, i quickly got dressed and headed down there to pick up my package - another dealextreme.com shipment straight from hong kong. last night's snow dusting became a rain shower by this morning. however, but the time i left the home it stopped raining even though i still brought an umbrella just in case.

after i picked up my package i got an extra large white hot chocolate beverage from the dunkin donuts before returning home. curious as to the nutritional content of said hot drink, i went online and looked it up. turned out a large white hot chocolate is 480 calories - about a quarter of the total daily recommended caloric intake. drink that and you won't need to eat anything else for breakfast. what do they put in there, scoops of lard and sugar? (note: i got the extra large though, and DD doesn't even bother keeping info for that, figuring correctly that if you want to supersize your order you're probably not too concerned about nutrition.) damn tasty none the less. just for comparison, a medium coffee with milk and sugar comes out to only 80 calories. add a chocolate glazed donut and that's only an additional 340 calories - still less than a large single serving of white hot chocolate.

in the package was several USB power adapters and a USB-powered fan with illuminated LED lights and a flexible neck. i got the fan as a cheap way to ventilate my grow closet. the LED lights were something extra but turns out they're the best part of the fan, flashing different colored patterns when you turn it on.

now that the washing machine has been fixed, i did a load of laundry. i also managed to catch up on my in treatment episodes. later i planted the 4 new cypress vine seeds in some fresh potting soil mixture (2 parts soil, 2 parts peat moss, 1 part perlite).

one more look at the LED fan in action.