i didn't think it'd be snowing until noontime at the earliest so i was surprised to see my backyard deck already covered in white when i woke up early this morning to use the bathroom. by the time i officially woke up a few hours later, there was already a few inches on the ground.

after shoveling my sidewalk, i grabbed my camera and took a walk down to harvard square to look for photo opportunities. the snow was falling at a pretty good clip and i was afraid my camera would get damaged; but i've taken it out in far worse conditions (pouring rain) so i wasn't worried too much. surprisingly, and a bit disappointed, harvard square was pretty empty. most people hurriedly went to where they were going and those who could probably took the day off. there was so much snowflakes all around that the photos i took looked grainy.

i got my hands on a copy of wong kar wai's my blueberry nights even though it won't be officially released in the US until this spring. like many of his films, this movie is so absolutely beautiful i wish i could live in it. check out this cast: jude law, norah jones, david strathairn, rachel weisz, cat power, and natalie portman.

story-wise it's not very sophisticated, but wong kar wai films aren't so much about stories as they are about feelings. he creates this mood of overwhelming romanticism, cutesy characters and their little life dramas. this movie, though heartbreaking at times, is most warm and fuzzy.

missing from my blueberry nights is wong kar wai's trademark polyglot dialogue, where people speaking different languages can still seemingly understand each other. he does play with a lot of accents though, particularly southern (which i guess is the english equivalent of the southern chinese dialect of cantonese, the language more familiar to his repertoire).

tonight i tried to set up my LED grow lights. they remind me of those old school marquee entrances with the ceiling of light bulbs. i still have my doubts if it'll even work. colorwise they're fine, but they don't seem bright enough. i haven't picked out my test plants yet. the easiest thing to do would be to grow another nasturtium since they sprout pretty readily. at this point i'm just testing to see if it can even keep a plant alive, let alone a suitable grow light option.

it kept on snowing, all the way to midnight. a few weeks ago i was hoping for another snowstorm to satisfy my winter craving. at this point i think i'm ready for spring now. with february nearly over and the days getting progressively longer, soon the early season flowering trees will be blossoming and i can finally wake up from this hibernation.