another cold day. i could tell because the normally dark streets were all frozen white. a day like today required a hot lunch to warm things up. i pan-fried some leftover chicken sausages but later switched to the foreman grill when they didn't look cooked enough. with that i made some scrambled eggs (2 eggs, some milk, some chopped scallions) and washed everything done with a hot mug of orange-colored thai tea.

as is customarily, i took a shower in the early evening, around the time when most people were starting to leave work for home. afterwards i had a craving for sweets and decided to visit the nearby dollar store to get some good & plenty (i am addicted to that licorice treat, i can go through a box a day). it takes something like 5 minutes to walk there but i didn't bother to dry my hair and by the time i arrived i had icy dreadlocks. i was standing out in the parking lot cracking the frozen bits of my hair before going into the store. by the time i got back home, my hair was refrozen again.

since i had a hearty lunch, i wasn't so hungry for dinner so i just heated up some pizza rolls and had a glass of coffee milk. i watched enough political coverage on the news channel to get sick enough to turn off the television so i could focus on more hellgating.

the cardinal climbers are starting to climb! at least one of them anyway, on the top shelf. the two plants on the bottom shelf don't seem to be doing very well with their yellow leaves and lackluster growth. i'll leave them there for a little bit longer before moving them to the upper shelf. however, the one plant that's climbing, last night i staked a bamboo skewer and this morning it had already found it (i'm not even sure how, it's a little spooky). i staked the other 3 remaining top shelf climbers. by evening, the climbing vine was starting to wrap its stem around the skewer. it looks like they vine in a counter-clockwise direction.

tonight i participated in the barack obama money bomb, donating $5.01 to the cause. i've never made a political donation in my life, but i feel strongly about the candidate. the amount is a mere pittance, more symbolism than anything else. maybe i'll get a t-shirt at some later date. not like i need to sway my neighbors: despite the fact that hillary won massachusetts, in my city of cambridge obama was the overwhelming favorite, garnering 63% of the vote (17,213 voters).