i was in no hurry to go vote today. it was raining, and i figured i'd mosey down to the voting place after lunch, when the noontime crowd had dissipated. i watched live coverage on television of mitt romney and wife going to vote in my hometown of belmont. a part of me thinks it'd be cool if romney was the president, because then belmont would be the home of the leader of the free world. up to that point, the most famous person to have come out of belmont was the princess of japan.

i called my mother to ask when she was going to go vote. i was surprised to hear everyone in family had already gone this morning. i quickly got dressed and walked to the elementary school down the street. there was hardly any voters and there were probably more school children than adults. "do you want to buy some cookies?" one of them said, pointing to the spread of baked goods for sale at a nearby table. i picked up my ballot and went to one of the many empty stalls. barack obama. i filled in the oval and spent the rest of the time fumbling with my camera, trying to capture this historical moment. for some reason i forgot how to take macro shots and after a few blurry photos i gave up. i returned home and waited until the evening for hours of super tuesday election coverage.

i tried installing a copy of hellgate: london (from the creators of diablo) i picked up a few weeks ago. it required installed windows xp on my macbook pro via boot camp. unfortunately boot camp had issues with creating a new partition (something about some files not abled to be moved) and told me to backup all my data and reformat my hard drive. so i did that, swapped some hard drives, ran time machine. the only thing is my copy of leopard is just a disc image and i needed to burn it onto a double-layered dvd before i can use it as an installation disc. hopefully i can get that taken care of by this weekend so i can get my PC gaming on.

i made a shocking discovery today about some of my plants: what i've been calling the cypress vine (Ipomoea quamoclit) is actually a cardinal climber (Ipomoea x multifida AKA Ipomoea x sloteri), a completely different species. the cardinal climber is a hybrid of a normal cypress vine with Ipomoea coccinea. cypress vine has thin fern-like leaves with star-shaped flowers, while a cardinal climber has maple-like leaves with round flowers. the seed packet said they were cypress vines, but the photo was of cardinal climbers. what i wanted to grow were cypress vines so i went online and ordered some from park seed. i also got a few seeds from their remainder sale (Coreopsis tinctoria, giant hot thai pepper, and tomatillo toma verde).

sticky trap fungus gnat tally
trap location fungus gnats   trap location fungus gnats
top left 27   bottom left 3
top right 20   bottom right 8
top center 9      

so with the evening winding down and my eyes glued to the super tuesday coverage, it looks like hillary won all the big states but obama won more states overall. i'm shocked obama didn't win massachusetts, my home state. apparently nobody at the voting center realized that i am the superdelegate for my street and my one vote counts as a million votes. now of course i'm totally paranoid because i don't know who voted for hillary and who can i trust.