the most exciting thing i did today was to go mail a letter and deposit a check. i passed by the neighborhood elementary school where tomorrow i'll be visiting to cast my vote in the massachusetts primary for super tuesday. i wonder what the voter turnout is going to be like in cambridge? sometimes i think the right to vote for the president is wasted on americans. while people in other countries would love to have a chance to decide who the next leader of the free world is going to be, we an americans take it for granted. my 8th grade history teacher told us that it's our civic duty to vote, and somebody else later told me you can't complain about the government unless you participate in the process.

not all my plants are doing well these days. some nasturtiums - particularly the tall ones - are showing dried leaf buds. it can't be the lack of water because the soil condition is still pretty moist. besides wilting at the tips, some of my basil have strange indentations on their new leaves. i wonder if it's the lack of humidity? there's also a markable difference between top shelf and bottom shelf plants. the bottom shelf cypress vines have yellow leaves instead of green. the bottom shelf cilantro are also slower to develop and are growing thin and tall. i wonder if the seedlings somehow got damaged when i transplanted them? fortunately i have more than enough plants to ensure that at least a few of them will survive to maturity. today i also planted some scallions and arugula roots.

sticky trap fungus gnat tally
trap location fungus gnats   trap location fungus gnats
top left 24   bottom left 0
top right 13   bottom right 8
top center 7      

for lunch and dinner i had some thai flavored beef broth my father had brought over, heated up with some rice noodles.