went to bed a little late last night; my self-discovered natural sleep remedy of listening to the BBC on the radio to lull me unconscious didn't quite work out. the result was i got out of bed an hour later than originally scheduled. the seed nursery revealed two containers with cilantro seedlings. i immediately moved them into the grow closet. so the new updated scorecard is:

plant suggested germination actual germination
cypress vine 7-21 days 4 days
sweet basil 7-14 days 5 days
nasturtium 10-14 days 5 days
cilantro 14-21 days 7 days
parsley 14-21 days ?
chinese cabbage 7-10 days terminated

i took some progress snapshots of the plants before starting my work day. the code i was given wouldn't run for some reason and it was only until today did i finally figure out what it was, some weird code discrepancy that i've never seen before (lingo ilk function was misbehaving). i helped my father move a reclining sofa chair he found (we're a family of trash divers) before he drove me to the cambridge library so i could check out a solar power book for him. he went to star market looking for soybean sprouts but they didn't have any (although i did buy some snacks) so we drove to market basket to pick up a few bags.

julie came over in the evening and made some red curry asparagus chicken rolls. i thought she meant rolls like a burrito but instead it was more like sushi rolls, except chicken and asparagus instead of fish and rice. i gave her a belated christmas gift of a PCI USB 2.0 card.

a final check of my plants around midnight showed some nasturtiums bending inwards instead of growing straight up. the reason could be the lights are too low so i raised both of them a few inches so they're 4-6" above the plants. the nasturtiums are also showing bud formations which will develop into the first true leaves.

one of the two cups of cilantro had straightened out. i expected more cilantro to sprout but so far i only have 3 seedlings, and the remaining two cups show no activity yet. besides warmth, i wonder if they (both cilantro and parsley) also require some more light to germinate. i could've also buried them too deeply. elsewhere, the cypress vines are starting to develop leaf buds as well.