woke up this morning to the news of benazir bhutto's assassination. to be honest, i didn't know too much about her - i knew she used to be the prime minister of pakistan and that she went into exile because of corruption charges back home - but i was most impressed with the fact that a woman could be the head of a conservative muslim country (i mean, 200+ years of american history and we've yet to have a lady president!). now that she's gone, what hope is there for pakistan? will that country eventually deteriorate into another iraq? complicating matters even more is that pakistan is also a nuclear state. who will step up and lead pakistan now? musharraf? that guy's more crooked than a barrel of lawyers and car salesmen. but if there's any lesson learned from iraq, sometimes it's more important for a country to have stability than an honest head of state. in any case, the assassination left me with a sick feeling. an already complicated situation just got even more complicated.

i decided to move my double decker aquariums into the guest bedroom. at their present location they're actually in the direct path of some morning sunlight so i've been getting some really serious algae bloom. it took a while to move, since i had to drain half the water first. even then each tank weighed about 50 lbs. that's 50 lbs. of glass and sloshing water, which makes for a very heavy and fragile combination.

i shot some guppy photos with the camera mounted on a tripod. the head was loosen so i could still easily pan and tilt the camera. the exposure compensation was dialed down to its lowest value and ISO was at 400. aperture was set at 2.8 with occasionally increases to 4.5, while trying to maintain a fast enough shutter speed so the fish won't be blurry. out of 100 shots, only a handful were clear.

i left the house briefly to get some toilet paper and fabric softener from the dollar store. a slight drizzle developed into steady rain by the time i came back. my puffy jacket was all soaked because i didn't bring an umbrella. lunch and dinner involved finishing some leftovers.