it seemed too cold to go outside. 42 degrees might be pleasant enough for walking, but not for riding a motorcycle. i decided to take it easy, make myself some breakfast-lunch (had some kielbasa sausages), spend the rest of the day in the comforts of home. nevertheless, the weather looked mild enough, i figured if i wasn't going to go too far and dressed for the occasion, i could still go out and do something. so that's when i decided to visit the beaver brook reservation in belmont. i knew they had a waterfall there and i wanted to play around some more with time lapse photography.

f2.8 1/125s

f4 1/30s

f5.6 1/15s

f14 1/3s

f22 1s

f32 1s

figuring nobody would be out naturing on a day like today, i was surprised to see somebody else out there, a young man walking down the path. what's more, he was carrying a large tripod, so i figured he was there to take some photos as well. i just hoped he wasn't there for the waterfall, and when he suddenly disappeared, i was relieved. i took some photos from above the fall before walking down to the bottom. that's when i saw my photographer friend with his equipment all set up. he was shooting away from the waterfall, towards the direction of the outflow. he wused a massive camera, looked like one of those that shoot onto large silver-plated negatives, and draped his jacket over his head before he took a photo. i waved hello so he wouldn't get scared, although he could've guessed i was also there to get some photos since i too was carrying a tripod.

waterfall topview

f20 1s

f3.5 1/30s

shooting with different shutter speeds, hopefully i can demonstrate to those who don't know the kind of cool things you can do with a slow shutter and for those buying a camera to look for ones that have some manual capabilities so you can tweak the shutter. i shot everything with the neutral density filter minus the polarizer so i wouldn't get any vignetting.

i left my spot and walked to the other side of the brook, hoping my photographer friend would leave soon. but he seemed to be there for the long stretch, perhaps waiting for the sun to set so he can get some good twilight shots of the bubbling stream.

it was cold but not too bad because i was traveling such a short distance. after a hot shower once i got home, everything was back to normal. for dinner i had some salmon and introduced zhu lei to polish kielbasa, which he seemed to really like.