thanksgiving, class reunion, today was all about the recovery. early this morning zhu lei escorted his girlfriend down to south station so she could go back to delaware. i knew this because by the time they were waking up to get ready, i was still up, but quickly turned off the lights and went to bed before they started thinking i was a crazy person for staying up so late. i woke up an hour later to use the bathroom and by then they were gone. they're sort of an inconsiderate couple, and when i was chatting with them last night, she never once bothered to thank my hospitality nor say her good byes. all i really remember is her complaining about how cold it was in my house.

hopefully by the time she returns for her winter break, her boyfriend will have already moved to his new place and they won't be my problem anymore. i don't think they fully appreciate the perks of staying with me. larger living space, proximity to super markets, close to the T station, free bicycles to ride, cable television in every room, an extension nature book library, and a roommate with a plethora of local information. little do they realize, they're both on thin ice right now. they never bothered thanking my mother for inviting them over for thanksgiving, and now they're on her shit list and she's thinking about asking them to move out when his girlfriend relocates permanently to boston during the summer. all of this is not my problem though. when zhu lei moves out in 3 more weeks, my obligation to him will be over.

by the time i rolled out of bed around noontime (bear in mind i went to bed around 6am), zhu lei was back, camped out in the living room. he never opens or closes the blinds, probably figured it was my job. the living room has become the center of an unspoken power struggle. for the most part i let him have it, even though he knows that's usually where i'd be, and he'd would soon retreat back to his own bedroom if i decided to sit on the couch and watch tv. he had his laptop and his books all over the coffee table, sitting on the floor with the television on but the volume turned down low. i heard him talking and i thought he was asking me a question but then realized he was video conferencing with somebody.

i don't mind being in my own bedroom. it's certainly large enough that i don't feel cramped and it's got basically everything i need: a computer, a television, and a nice bed to relax in (that replaces the sofa). plus, with the door closed, it's much warmer than the more open living room. nevertheless, sometimes i do get resentful, particularly when i have to go into the living room for whatever reason and zhu lei looks at me with a "what're you doing here in my living room?" glance. i hope he knows that he's only there because i'm being nice and considerate (the enlightened despotic landlord). i think if the tables were turned, i don't know if he'd do the same.

although the weather was nice, it was too cold to ride so i stayed in the house all day (cold, but still child's play compared to the chill from last night). my father came by with a food delivery (more thanksgiving leftovers) and my mother, who is normally quite generous, told me i wasn't required to share anything with my roommate. i fixed myself some lunch and watched the parent trap and 13 going on 30 on television. i had thought about raking some leaves in the backyard but paul from upstairs beat me to the punch. i'll do it next time, there's still plenty more dead leaves to come.

tonight was the broadcast premiere of battlestar galactica: razor. even though i'd already seen it, it was still exciting to rewatch. i shuffled between that and the incredibles on NBC as well as the celtics-bobcats game. i caught the final minute of the basketball game, where the celtics were losing by 2 point and was close to receiving their second lost of the season. but what an exciting last minute! ray allen receives a pass from paul pierce with just 4 seconds to go drains an all-net 3-pointer to win the game.