reports of frost last night motivated me to revisit my garden to rescue my rosemary bush. i transplanted it into a large clay pot i found from my basement. i also collected all the green tomatoes, figuring they won't be turning red anytime soon, as well as a handful of habanero peppers. i'll have to return one more time to cut everything down for the winter, particularly the raspberries which need careful pruning to produce a new crop next season.

even though i had all those rosemary, i never once used it any cooking. it grew from a little potted plant to this small bush over the summer. i hope i can keep it alive during the winter. now my kitchen smells like rosemary.

i didn't have any work today so i took advantage of this free time by visiting porter square to look for an optometrist to get a new eyeglasses prescription and to check out those weird afterimages i've been seeing the past few weeks. i was surprised when they told me they were able to see me today. the optometrist - a strikingly attractive middle-aged woman - put me through a series of general eye tests before sending me back home.

i had lunch (lasagna) and took a shower before walking down to porter square again (i was on the motorcycle before, and didn't want to get my pupils dilated otherwise i would have a hard time riding home). a couple of drops into each eyes later and i was sufficiently dilated. the optometrist spend some time looking into both eyes and told me saw she was able see some deposits on my retina - a classic floater. although it seemed innocuous, she referred me to an eye specialist in boston who would be able to get a more detailed scan of the inside of my eye to be sure. "can they remove it?" i asked. she frowned. "no," she said. i guess the fuzzy debris that i saw on my LCD screen - now fixed - has somehow made it to my eye instead.

i was given a pair of disposable sunglasses to wear. they looked so stupid i took them off immediately after i left the office. it was still daylight outside and i walked home all squinty-eyed from having my pupils dilated.

for dinner, some leftover pizza from this weekend that my mother brought over in exchange for all my green tomatoes. zhu lei came home relatively early (5:30). once again, he went to bed without any dinner. last night he was up until 3am but tonight i saw his lights were out by 11pm.