i know nothing about rowing. yet every year in autumn i go down to harvard square to see the head of the charles. i hung out at the weeks footbridge this time around. they say something like 300,000 people descend upon cambridge and boston to attend this international regatta weekend. unlike past years, today was surprisingly warm, so my hands didn't freeze. however, the sky was overcasted until later in the afternoon when the clouds started to clear up.

afterwards i visited the garden and picked a bag of tomatillos. most of the fruits are small (size of a marble) but there are a few large ones. i got home and set them out to dry on the table.

i love leaf skeletons. i always wanted to know how to make them artificially, but so far no luck. i found a tomatillo that had its husk reduced to a skeleton. you can now see how a tomatillo fruit grows inside the husk.

this particular fruit isn't very large, about the size of a berry. not sure what i can make with a bucket of tomatillo berries.

it's time to play: what's in my fridge! not too much stuff, i haven't had to cook in a while, so it's been a lot of bagels for lunch and hot dogs or something defrosted for dinner. you'll notice i have a lot of tomatoes. originally they were on my kitchen counter because i wanted them to ripen, but they started going bad so i threw them all into the refrigerator today. i should really do something with them, like make fresh homemade pasta sauce. i'll have to look into that.

game 6! first inning grand slam homerun from j.d. drew. fenway park has never cheered louder for j.d., finally vindicated after a so-so regular season. that was all the red sox would need, but ended the game score 8 more runs for a final score of 12-2. in the 3rd inning the red sox scored 6 runs and it started to get embarrassing to the point of comical. was this the same indian team that took the red sox to the brink of elimination with a 3-1 ALCS lead? now it's a one game series with the decisive game 7 tomorrow night. i've got my guns ready. if the red sox win it, i'll be shooting my pistols into the air!

is it just me, or does shia labeouf resemble a young terry francona? just with more hair and eyes that aren't so squinty?