after that hour long discussion last night, i woke up this morning to start working on that last-minute emergency interactive for john. around noontime i was in a conference call with him, his boss, and their respective babies - which they've both brought into the empty office. it was a bit surreal, trying to map out the details of the program over the baby noises.

i then spent the whole day either doing production work or coding. it wasn't too bad, and having been out of the code game for well over 2 months, i was happy to see it all coming back to me like riding a bike. however, as the day wore on, i began to realize there was just too much work to be done in a single day - and everything was due tonight since they were leaving for their presentation tomorrow morning. after the conference call, some more functionalities were added that i didn't anticipate last night. the whole day i was in communique with john, either via phone or instant message. occasionally john would e-mail me some assets, be it copy or thumbnails.

i broke away briefly to have dinner with my family - they came over and we made some blue cheese burgers on a pair of foreman grilles (with the side effect of filling up my house with the smell of grease). after they left i continued working. i programmed on my macbook pro for the very first time and never once did the machine crash (which for some reason surprised me, i guess i come from an old world where computers are prone to freezing up and dying). past midnight i was still feeling strong, my coding stamina still high. just like old times, i thought to myself. even then i knew it'd be a few more hours before i could finish. john contacted close to 5am, told me he was actually leaving for the airport soon. i was still working, but quickly tied everything together and ftped him a final version before he left his house.

so after 19 hours of near-continuous coding i finally finished and prepared myself for the post-project euphoria. i was so buzzed that i couldn't fall asleep, and didn't actually fall unconscious until well past 7am.

and yeah, i caught that new england patriots game. 6-0 baby! cowboys gave me a scare but just rub some belichick and brady on it and make the hurt go away!