i didn't eat anything all day so i could save my appetite for project YUM happening down in union square (somerville) this afternoon. eliza and i met there, she arriving via bicycle, me via motorcycle. the weather was autumnal, cold in the shadows, warm in the sun. i didn't know what to expect when we got there but i just knew food was involved. for the most part the festival seemed more about education than actual eating. at the far end down by the municipal parking lot though, some union square vendors were selling fresh food from their restaurants (peruvian, mexican, thai) - i ended up getting an indian sampling ($7). eliza and i were approached by the producer of somerville's community access cable television and they interviewed us even though we knew very little about the actual festival (look for our video on their vlog).

afterwards we headed down to kendall square, each going our separate ways, rendezvousing at the cinema. a few blocks before the theatre i actually passed by eliza riding her bicycle down the bike path, one hand in her jacket pocket trying to stay warm.

there were a lot of asians at the theatre, apparently catching the new ang lee movie, lust, caution. as for us, we were there to see the darjeeling limited. we actually got there a little bit early and had to wait before we could go inside.

i'm not sure, but i think the last time i saw a movie at kendall was back in early 2006 when i saw why we fight.

i'm through with indie film darling wes anderson. i only went to see the darjeeling limited because eliza asked me to go with her. the only one of his movies that i really like is rushmore and all subsequent movies of his that i've seen i ended up not liking. visually, his films are quite beautiful, and he has an eye for details. wes anderson would make a great interior designer; but as a movie director, he work is getting tired. his movies aren't so much stories as they are, as eliza puts it, "objects." anderson has a knack for creating dysfunctional families and the characters that inhabit them. but there's something about familial squabbling that just doesn't appeal to me. so what's good about the darjeeling limited? it makes me want to visit india, for one thing. and because earlier i ate some indian food, my fingers still smelled of indian spices so every once in a while i'd take a sniff and felt like i was actually there. bill murray makes a non-sequitur cameo which i always appreciate. for once i sort of understand the symbolism of the ending, something about getting rid of your baggage in order to be happy.

after the movie, eliza bumped into her friend nobuko (and nobuko's friend peter paul) outside the theatre. i came home and heated up the final bit of chicken soup to finish my rice noodles for dinner before the start of game 2. tonight's match-up was a real battle, and both starting pitchers ended up playing no part in the final decision as the lead changed every few innings. the indians scored first, but the red sox got the lead, only to have the indians up ahead the next inning. red sox once again regained the lead in the 5th inning, but the indians came right back to tie. what followed was 4 scoreless innings into the 10th, until former red sox trot nixon came to bat and got a hit to score in a run for the indians, who then absolutely demolished the red sox with a 7 run final inning to take the game. game 2 last all 5 hours and 14 minutes.

still later, i was on a phone call with john to discuss a quick interactive project he needs done by this weekend. we were on the phone for about an hour and looks like i'll be spending most of tomorrow working on it after having just seen the graphics tonight.

more weird dreams last night: the first half, i was somehow hanging out with lindsay lohan. the second half, i came home to discover the house next door to mine had been torn down in order to make room for a new stadium. in this dream i lived in the top floor, so i could look down and see an empty pit where the house used to be.